March 03, 2008

A New Member...

Election fever is gripping the nation. I've yet to write some comments on it. Even if I did, a lot of folks have commented on it. (^.^)

All I have to say is Vote on Your Conscious. Remember that you'll be stuck with your decision for the next 5 years!

A couple of weeks back, I wrote something about change and so, there was a change in my life. A new member has joined the family!!

He's a little rascal of sorts..

Don't let his baby brown eyes fool you! He's a rascal through and through!! - Snoopy

Both Snoopy and Rusty seems to get along pretty well. Well, as least Snoopy has accepted him into the family now... Except for meal times when Rusty thinks that whatever everyone eats is his food!!

I'll try to post some other stuff later. Got some thoughts on my mind...


  1. Rusty is so cute. Look at his pink paws. Aiyoo

    Eh they look like father and son leh. Haha

  2. Hi che-cheh...

    Hahaa.. I wish Snoopy was a boy but she's a girl.

    They look more like mother and son than brother and sister. LOL!!!


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