March 27, 2008

Carl's Jr @ 1Utama

Gosh... It feels like a life time since I've last blogged. It has been a pretty hectic month as the team is under pressure to perform well before the year end in June. Hence, my disappearance from the blogosphere.

Despite the madness at work, I managed to squeeze some "me time" to go shopping/movie on a public holiday last week.

Well... EV calls it happy time, but I would like to call it otherwise.... **HEHEHE**

After a LOOOOOONNNNGGGG walk, carrying all of the EV's supplies, (Yes, she does need to supplement her diet with some human food....) we ended up at Carl's Jr.

I remember trying a Carl's Jr burger some 10 years back and recalled that I had the juiciest burger then. The outlet subsequently closed due to poor business and when I heard that this franchise was back in Malaysia, I wanted to try it again!

I heard a "rumour" of sorts from my colleagues that the burgers cost > RM15 and above. So, I wanted to see why the burgers cost so much to dispel the rumour or support it. Perhaps the cost was high because they decided to convert the prices in USD to MYR??

So, is Carl's Jr a "posh" burger restaurant??

Well, to date, the most expensive burger I've had is at either Chilli's or TGIF where burgers cost anything from RM19 and above....

EV: What you having???
Me: Chicken-la.... Looks like grilled chicken for me... Can't take your unhealthy food-le..
EV: Wow... The chilli burger looks so good! All the meat oozing out.
**SPACED OUT** **WIPING SALIVA OFF MY FACE** Huh?? **SLURRP** Don't tempt me woman! I'm going for the grilled chicken sandwich.
EV: So, which size? We take medium or large?
Me: Wah liao??? Large is like.. RMXXXXXXX!!! You siao-ar???
EV: Ok ok... Take the small-la. Don't think I can eat so much.
Me: (Yeah, you take other forms of nutrients.. Hehehee)

So, in the end, we both ordered a set. Took a small and medium set with some onion rings. The small is like the McD's regular size. Yep, we get US-size portions here. Eep!

The cashier took our order and gave us a number. Rather than keep a long queue going, they prefer to serve your food to you at your table. So, chances are, your food is made fresh, unlike other fast food outlets where the burgers are pre-made some 5-10 minutes before the rush hour.

There was this flyer which displayed 1 of the burgers... looks delectable. BTW, it's a double-decker!!! Love the tagline.... "She'll tell you size doesn't matter. She's lying." LOL!!!!

When I got my burger, it was wrapped in another sheet of paper. It was lovingly wrapped. I just had to take a photo of it before I sank my canines into it!

Note that the bread is different from the burger buns at other places. My grilled chicken burger used a brown ryebread which was a healthier option. From the sheet, you can see that there isn't too much grease on it. Yep, I didn't feel THAT guilty when I ate it!

EV's burger was also lovingly wrapped in a sheet of it's own. It sure looked delectable. The burger is HUGE... I can't recall what was her burger, I think it was the Superstar or something.

I dissected my burger to put in some tomato ketchup and yeap, there was a bit of cheese on top of the grilled chicken breast. Well, we have to
indulge once in a while... Doesn't the cheese and chicken bacon look great?? **SLURPP**

The onion rings were fantastic! It was made fresh again and didn't have that yucky aftertaste like some other onion rings at another burger joint. The onions were large and sweet, unlike some outlets which has smaller varieties of onions which didn't taste as sweet.

This "blurry" monster you see is EV's burger. It had chicken bacon and also a juicy, slab of beef burger meat sandwiched between two ideal sourdough buns.... **SLURRP*** Yes, she was trying to tempt me into taking a bite!

The fries are another item to die for! The fries are not the pre-processed, generic starchy strings we call "french fries" but these were cut from the potato with the skin on. So, at the end of each fry, you get a nice crispy skin which tastes so yummy.

Unfortunately, my camera phone lacked the proper macro-zoom focus to take a good shot of the lovely fries...

Carls Jr also had the beef chilli fries but I lacked the additional 3 stomachs to taste it. (^ ^) Next time, perhaps?

In the end, both EV and I managed to satisfy the carnivore inside us and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We felt that the price of RM50 for the burgers and onion rings was really worth it!

This burger joint does offer quality goods and I hope that the outlets will continue to maintain a high standard for their food unlike other outlets which has compromised quality to lower costs to increase their margins.

Although the menu items are a bit costly, but I find that the price justifies the quality of food and service provided. Besides that, they do offer alternative "healthy" menu such as salads with plenty of leafy greens too.

Gosh... Looking at the photos, I'm convinced of making the trek to Pavillion to get my Carl's Jr fix!!!


  1. ahh, I just had carl's jr for lunch again yesterday. Was sooo sleepy afterwards. :D

  2. Wow...we've still yet to try Carl's Jr for some strange reason. Haha.. Been procrastinating for a long time already! :p

  3. Wow, looks so tempting :9 always wanted to try it but the price is always a turn off for my friends :P

  4. Wow yummylicious. Quite sinful lah looking at the photos. Haha


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