March 08, 2008


Wow.. This is too much!!!!

Right after I cast my vote in the afternoon, I had another SMS from this spammer!!

Please click on the image for a larger view...

I've checked the message details and found this...

I did my vote at around 2pm... Isn't it strange that the message was sent at 8:03am? Looks like they started to "thank" people right after the polling started to thank the masses of the impending BN win?

Anyway, the shocking part is that my colleague's girlfriend, who has not registered as a voter at all, got this SMS as well!

Hmmmm... :think: :think:....


  1. Weh they're so confident they'll get your vote. Hehe

  2. Hi che-cheh,

    LOL!! Yeap.. ;-) I was first suspicious and quite scared that they will "change" my vote somehow but then, it was sent BEFORE i went to vote. LOL...


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