August 05, 2008

Nikon or Canon???

I've been contemplating for a while (actually ages!!!!) to see which camera I should go for in my pursuit of my hobby.

I've been using my old workhorse the Nikon 5900 for a very long time and so far it has served me well.

However, with a huge crack on the body of the camera and the battery cover hinge broken, I'm wondering if it is worthwhile for me to get a new camera or have it fixed!

Anyway, after looking and drooling for ages around both Canon and Nikon sites, I've discovered that Nikon has a cool tutorial site for new owners.

Here's the link --> Nikon Digitutor (

So, can anyone tell me which camera I should go for?? :-)


  1. Probably new cams come with more feature and a better appearance. But it all depends on your budget, if can afford one, then go for the best.

  2. Choose the one that you're most comfortable with. That means going all your way to try out the models, snapping it and see the result on pc.

    I'm thinking of going into dslr world.

  3. You don't buy a camera because of online tutorial. Canon has its own online tutorial too, and there are lots of books out there.

    Both C & N are good. Basically budget should be your main consideration.

    Nikon D60
    Cheap. But if you like 'Live View', this cam is not for you. Also remember that you lose auto-focus with some prime lenses, e.g. Nikkor 50mm f1.8.

    Nikon D80
    A good camera, but a bit 'old'. Its replacement, D90, is coming very soon.

    Canon 1000D
    Cheap and with Live View. Ergonomics probably not so good.

    Canon 450D
    Slightly better than 1000D but more expensive.

    I don't encourage you to buy Nikon D700 or Canon 5D at this stage.

  4. Che-cheh tells you to 'try out the models and see results in PC'.

    I'm fear this is not so easy. If you have no experience with SLR, you probably will get poor pictures initially. Furthermore, image quality depends on lens too. If you have a good camera but poor lens, you are going to get mediocre images.

  5. sylester - yeah, it all depends on what you want. sometimes, the latest and greatest is not what you need or want. ;-)

    che-cheh - yeah, best to try it out and see which is most comfortable. as for image quality.. well, it's a mega-pixels game as well as your own techniques. :P

    khengsiong - lol!! i think if i were to purchase a camera based on tutorial, it's going to be quite silly. i just mentioned that nikon has put up some cool tutorials for new users. i will certainly not buy a camera based on tutorials. ^_^

    thanks for your input.

    yeah, i've discussed with a few friends and they have different criteria on choosing their cameras.

    budget is certainly a factor as well as my knowledge and comfort.

    anyway, this is a decision i have take great consideration of - unless i strike it rich at the lottery!!

  6. I personally prefer Nikon... don't know why also. Haha...

    D700 looks really good though expensive.

  7. ben - hahaha.. am thinking of nikon but some tech is a bit old.. kekeke.. anyway, the price of nikon dslr cameras have dropped.

    irene - D700?? Wow. That's way beyond my budget. :-) Thanks for the suggestion though.


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