August 28, 2008

Massive Jams Because of Merdeka Rehearsal??


For the last couple of days, I've been stunned as to see how congested our "arterial" road system is in KL. Due to a road closure of Jalan Raja, the entire city was nearly brought to a standstill with jams stretching back to as far as PJ via Federal Highway, KL-Seremban Highway and Damansara/Subang via Sprint and NKVE.. =____=""

Massive jam @ Jln Duta after Duta Toll

So, you can imagine, how tulan I felt.

As usual, during the massive jam, you'll see people at their best or worst.

For example, when you hear the siren of an ambulance far away, people automatically move aside to let the ambulance through. Now, we're not sure if it's a real emergency or not, but best to move aside - it's only the right thing to do.

The worst side of people. Rich (I assume that they're rich because they drive big cars such as Merc, BMW, Harrier, Rexton, Storm...) people squeezing in between lanes WITHOUT INDICATING THEIR DIRECTION in front of smaller cars - Protons (exclude Perdana), Kancils, Kelisas, MyVIs, etc... Mind you, whether if the big car was driven by a drebar or some fella in a suit or tie, underneath that exterior is just a lowlife samseng. Hmmmm.. Come to think of it, maybe they are real-life samseng too.. Kekeke.. You'll never know.

I got bullied by such a fxxker driving a black Honda City license plate WQK 6488. That fxxker had the nerve to drive up and just cut in front of me, out of nowhere at Jalan Parliment heading towards KL. I refuse, because he could have easily cut in BEHIND me. The fxxker lowered his window and shouted to indicate that he wanted to cut into the other lane leading to Jln Mahameru/Jln Duta.

I didn't wind down my window.

I let him pass.

The fxxker cut in front of a Citilink truck and proceeded to inch his fxxking car towards the junction to turn off to Jln Duta/Mahameru highway.

What a fxxker.

He was wearing a blue-shirt and yellow tie. He hung a black jacket on a hook at the back. I assume he was fxxking late for some fxxking meeting.

So what.

Everyone is stuck in the fxxking jam.

Everyone is late.

You wait for fxxking turn.

I just want to let you know that the driver of this car - WQK 6488 likes to bully people. Especially women.

It'll be the same tomorrow. So, better to wake up earlier and get to work early before the police close the roads.



  1. Anonymous8:03 am

    wa, a lot of fire in your post

  2. Anonymous1:05 pm

    haha cool down yo.

  3. Alvin - yeah... been eating a lot of "fire" lately.. :P

    che-cheh - you're right. I should do more meditation exercises like the dogs... ;-)


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