January 10, 2009

Chinese New Year @ Suria KLCC

It just seems that the festivals are pilling up one after another. It was just a few days since the Christmas season has passed and now, in a couple of weeks; we'll be enjoying another round of festivities again.

Gosh, this is going to put havoc on my diet and exercise regime! Anyway, I'm lucky to have supportive friends and family members who understand my regiment and so, they try not to force food on me. However, I'm getting lots of advice on how to lose weight!! Good, or bad, I thank them for it.

Anyway, the shopping malls are hard at work to setup stages, decorations and arrange for cultural performances in light of the Chinese New Year festivities. Suria KLCC is of course, no exception.

Fridays are my photography days and after lunch, I usually bring my camera to take photos around this area.


The center court had been under preparation for the last 3 days and finally, the stage is ready for CNY performances. Soon, the stalls will be brought in for folks to buy CNY goodies. I can't wait for that. :-)


I'm not an expert in Chinese classical music/instruments but I believe the performers were playing music on the flute and Chinese "pi-pa".


Suria KLCC has hung up some lanterns all along the mall, as well as a couple of giant lanterns above the center court.


The lanterns hung around the mall... I like the symmetry of the lantern arrangement.


The decorations at Suria KLCC are at best modest. It does invoke the Chinese New Year mood as the shops start playing "tong-tong-chang" music (^^) as well as hanging up red decorations to invoke good fortune.

In times like this, the retailers need all the "red luck" they can get.


  1. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Boss, your skill improved a lot leh !

  2. Anonymous9:53 pm

    For a few continuous years, I enjoyed the Chinese music instrumental shows at Suria KLCC, before CNY. Hope this year is not an exception too

  3. Hi Alvin, Tien Soon,

    Alvin - Thanks! Practice makes perfect... Still long way to go. Out of 10 shots, maybe 1 or 2 are good. :P

    Tien Soon - The performances are still on-going for CNY festivities. As for which performances, got to check with Suria KLCC's schedule. :-)

  4. Anonymous3:39 pm

    I especially like the 3rd photo. Very pretty. :)

  5. Another 2 weeks till CNY!!!

  6. Nice photos! I might just borrow your photos for my 'CNY decorations at shopping malls' post if you don't mind : )

  7. Hi Che-Cheh, Chris, foongpc,

    Che-Cheh - Thanks!

    Chris - Yeah!! You taking any leave from work?

    foongpc - Thanks! No worries about borrowing the pics. I've got to put up another post soon. :P

  8. Chinese New Year is coming! =)

  9. Hi Tekkaus,

    恭喜发财!!! Yeah, CNY is heading this way very soon.


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