January 29, 2009

When To Give Up

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!!

'Tis the year of the Ox and already, I'm working like one... i.e. Working hard to fix all the bugs and implement features which the client wants in a short period of time. I didn't quite enjoy my CNY as I was working all day and night (up until 3am) to complete the stuff.

Anyway, came across this video which is so funny! Love them Monty Python....

It's a great example of the sheer tenacity (and stupidity of the Black Knight). LOL!!!! You got to admire the guy....

Oh well, I'm not giving up!! I'm hanging on until this thing is complete!! GAMBATE!!!


  1. just like me last year, i had to work...during new year eve and cny ...


  2. Anonymous1:36 am

    Yo! Happy Niu Year! Nice video you have :)

  3. Gong Xi Gong Xi. Wah.. so fast, 5th day liow. Hey, thank for the video. really brought back a lot of memories. Loved Monty Python, esply John Cleese. Got a lot of that during my days studying in Australia.

  4. Hi Licalicious, Jessen, YozoraNiteSky,

    @Licalicious - Gong Xi Fa Cai! So, this year you didn't have to work?

    @Jessen - Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Lol.. I love this video...

    @YozoraNiteSky - I don't recall watching Monty Python back in Ozland so much, but plenty of references to them. I especially love Little Britain. But Monty Python are classic!

  5. ahhh.. Little Britain.. i think i may have a DVD which i bought from the ssshhhhhh pasar malam. but i know i definitely have Fawlty Towers dvd. i do like watching John Cleese :D

  6. You have ti work on new year's eve too? You must b tired huh! Anyway there are still 10 days of CNY sumore. Wish you Happy Chinese new year. Gong Xi Fatt Cai! =)

  7. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Aiyo still not okay yet? Bloody &*#&$ ... hehe. I know it's not right to curse during CNY. Nvm already help you to $#%#% :)

  8. Hopefully, next year you will get a good CNY holiday break! : )

  9. Monty Python should be taught in schools. Seriously. :-p

    Selamat Tahun Baru Cina!

  10. Anonymous11:59 pm

    relax..... i m back to a place where internet is available. jz shout if u need help. :)

  11. Hi YozoraNiteSky, Tekkaus, Che-Cheh, foongpc, Chris & Alvin,

    @YozoraNiteSky - Pick up the latest Little Britain USA. Quite hilarious!

    @Tekkaus - Yes, I'm exhausted and still recovering from a flu/bad sore throat... Will try to enjoy the rest of CNY.

    @foongpc - Yeah, I hope that this will not repeat next year. :-S

    @Chris - Yeshh!! Make it a compulsory subject!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    @Alvin - Thanks for your effort!! You're a great team player! Will leave some instructions for you guys while we're away. You will be busy. ;-)


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