January 14, 2009

Some Gears...

This is somewhat of a filler post as I'm still doing some post-processing work on some pics I took over the weekend.

Anyway, I got this "pressie" some weeks back as a surprise. I never expected to get this thing but now that I do, I believe that I will have to put the gift to good use. And posting about it is one of the ways. LOL!!


Yeap, it's my new DSLR lens - Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 MkII!! It's one of the cheapest lens to get out of the Canon range and a good addition to a budding gear collector.

With an f/stop of f/1.8, you can imagine that the aperture setting is wide enough to capture some really creamy bokeh pics like this:


I took this photo with nothing more than my fluorescent table lamp as the light source in my room at 1/8sec!! Of course, I didn't use f/1.8 but at such low-light conditions at ISO 100 or 200, this lens was really amazing!

As my first prime lens, the focal length of 50mm makes this useful for taking portraits due to the optics involved, i.e. less moving parts. Hence, the quality of the pics taken are often a lot more superior to those taken with zoom lens.

I've actually had my eye on the 50mm compact macro lens but when I saw the price tag of RM1XXX, I'd figure that I can temporarily set aside my love for macro while I build up my basic skills. So, I'm quite content to play around with this for a while. (^.^)

Nevertheless, my gears list grows everyday... And I plan to get the following:
  • 1 spare battery
  • "Walkabout" Zoom Lens - 55-250mm/18-200mm
  • External Flash
  • Wide Angle Lens for those lovely architectural and landscape shots - 10-22mm
  • Filters - Neutral Density, Circular Polarizer
  • A solid camera/laptop bag
  • A steady tripod (least important as I got one free with my camera)
Yes, some friends remarked that this is an expensive hobby but it's a very fulfilling one for the soul but not the hip pocket, I'm afraid.


  1. wahhh!!! pressie somemore.. how nice!! =D i wan d300 a prezzie can?? LOL *dreams*

  2. Anonymous2:56 pm

    You never show us the leading character weh. :P

    Indeed an expensive hobby.

  3. Hi Andrew, Che-Cheh,

    Andrew - I also wish-leh... Kekeke.. I would settle for Nikon D90 or if that's a bit expensive, Canon 50D-lor... Must ask Santa for it in December.

    Che-Cheh - Hahaha.. The leading character is not so impressive. Just the standard DSLR camera. :P When you get into photography, you want the lenses and accessories. Kakaka

  4. yes its not cheap at all..haha time to dig out my 50mm lens to use..been very lazy to change lens..like the walk around 17-85mm that im using..

  5. Hi Joe,

    Yeah, after I tabulate my list, looks like it's an investment of RM5k. You got the 17-85mm lens?? That's a great lens... Good enough for walkabout. :P


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