November 28, 2006

Company Car

On the request of EV, I've decided to blog a little about the company car which I got while in UK.

At first, I was given a Peugeot but it was a manual transmission. :( I can't drive a manual car now after so many years of being spoilt by driving around an automatic car. *Sigh*.. Sometimes, I miss my little Satria... ^_^

Anyway, here's the front view of the car.

As you can tell, its a Renault. To be exact, its a Renault Scenic. The car handles very well. The size is about the size of the Perodua MyVi. So, this car isn't too big for me and since I've been driving my parents' MyVi around, I'm pretty used to this car's size. I still have a slight problem with parking a car of this size, so still got to get used to it.

This is the back of the car. Noticed that cars in UK don't have to put up the third brake-light as it is in other parts of the world, i.e. M'sia, S'pore and even Australia. So, at night, you've got to watch out when cars in front of you brake.

The drivers here are courteous but they drive really fast, even on winding roads! The road conditions here are marvelous and it is no wonder that the best drivers for F1 and etc. come from Europe. That is why Alex Yoong may have problems winning even the A1 because firstly, our cars here are poorly maintained, -- kereta potong and our roads are not roads at all, it is just a road, lined with a bit of tar, very prone to potholes.

I currently drive to and from work only. I haven't had the chance to go exploring by myself as I'm not familiar with the roads and I don't have a proper map. One thing I did notice that in Europe, the GPS navigation system is a must! Just last night, the gadget tv show spoke about GPS systems.

Anyway, for my next post, I'll put up some pictures of my trip to Edinburgh. So, expect that! :)


  1. Anonymous7:09 am

    Yeah, you are right.

    I felt so safe when I was driving in Australia, people are so friendly and not as rude as malaysian driver.

    One thing you will notice, when someone step on to the zebra crossing, cars will stop automatically in australia, if someone steps on the zebra crossing in malaysia, who cares man, cars keeps on zoom zoom, hahahahaha.


  2. Henry,

    I'm a pretty "decent" driver back home in M'sia, as in, I signal when I want to cut in and I do give way to people who are courteous.

    Anyway, I still stop at zebra crossings although I get honked at but I don't give a damn.

    M'sian drivers all got "kopi license" and don't know the rules well.

    We can talk and talk until the cows come home but the problem will not be solved. :P

  3. Woooo... after 3 months long in UK, you can join the A1 race already.. wahaha..


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