December 15, 2006


It has been a very busy week for me. I'll try to keep up by posting once a week. I'll probably have to make my site feel a little "Christmasy" but then, I know I can't do it due to work constraints. ^_^

As some of you may know, I've moved out of my lovely apartment near the city centre to another house. Anyway, I was put up at a new house but it had some problems with the heating and so, I moved out after spending a very cold night there.

The following picture is the outside of the house where I'm currently staying in Alvaston. It is about 5-15mins away from the office by car. It's more of a townhouse than a house standing on its own.

10 Downing Street got black door, we got green door...

The interior of the house is modern and very homey. The following picture is one of the couches, we have 1 3-seater and another two-seater on the right-hand side of the picture which I didn't take. The TV is at the front, and it's a small one, about 21-inches. No, it's not a plasma or LCD... It's not even digital.. -_-

Comfy couch...

I'm sure you're wondering how the kitchen and dining looks like, right? Hehehe.. Am sure that some of my colleagues who lived in the house would be surprised to find that it looks clean now because the landlord was very fussy about it.

All food is eaten here...

This is where we have our big makan.... Ok-la, it's not like a great hall or anything, but at least we have a table and chairs to sit on to makan-la.

Jamie Oliver/Nigella Lawson wanna-bes cook here...

Yes, we have a functioning oven/gas-stove and that little machine on the right is a dish-washing machine. We don't use it as it doesn't clean very well. My last apartment was equiped with an electric stove and so, that was quite ok to cook with it except that it took a while to heat up the element.

So, the next picture you're curious about is where I spend about 6-8hrs of my day... alone... Oii!!! No deerttty thots.. So, here it is...

Take 40-winks here...

It's a nice room and I have the view of the garden from that window. The rooms get a bit warm at night and so, it is nice to sleep in on cold winter nights these days.

All in all, I'm pretty comfy here. The house comes with 3-rooms, & 2-bathrooms. Anyway, we met up with the landlord recently, who came to inspect the house. After some complaints, we cleaned up the place and waited for the landlord to come. After two false alarms, we finally met up with them.

The landlord's wife came to inspect the house to ensure that all the work she asked the builders to come and fix had been done and that the house was neat and tidy. She got the house 2 years back and so, she wants to maintain the house to near-mint condition.

Okie, that's it for now. I'll blog about Edinburgh Part 2 soon...


  1. angie, put a small small christmas tree next to your bed la.. hehe.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  2. hehehee...

    am back in KL to work for the next 13 days and so, will be savouring the x'mas mood here until then.

    Merry X'mas to you too!!!


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