September 25, 2008

Losing My Mojo....

Hmmm.. What do you do, when you feel that you're losing your "mojo"?

Be it something that you do at work or just a feeling that you're not achieving your very best; what do you do to get back on the horse and get it back? ;-)

Worse still... What happens if someone keeps criticizing you despite your very best? :-(

Gosh... I wish that getting my "mojo" back is as easy as how Austin Powers got his back. (^___^)

I try not to be too serious with myself. I'm sure that it'll come back. I just got to figure out how...


  1. :-(

    The atmosphere in the office is getting more and more...unfavourable, for lack of a better word.

    Will it get better? I hope so, for the sake of everyone's sanity. But deep down, I think the rot has gone in too deep...

    Have a great weekend, Angie. :)

    PS: MY GAWD! I saw the leg press machine with 260kgs! Insane!

  2. Hi chris...

    Yeah, the office has been quite gloomy lately. Hopefully things will get better as it will certainly boost morale.

    Heard that MH will try to organize an event soon? I'll have to follow up with him!


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