January 17, 2009

Year of The Ox @ 1Utama Shopping Centre

I can't believe it! Chinese New Year (CNY) is literally at our doorsteps!

Another round of holidays, binge eating and drinking with friends, colleagues and loved ones. The festive spirit is catching up to me although my team is in the midst of rushing the completion of a project. It is hard to ignore the festive mood as the shopping malls are "dressing up" for it.

At 1 Utama, the new wing's Oval was decorated with an elaborate stage, where the main prop was at least 3 stories high? The stage resembled a giant doorway which serves as an entrance to large Chinese buildings. The roof was decorated to look like the horns of the Ox, which is the zodiac animal for 2009.


Small stalls were set up around the stage. The crowd was not as large as I expected but probably because everyone flocked to the mall's shops to do their shopping!!


Lanterns were hung above all around the oval and it added a nice touch to the decorations. If the lights were dimmed, the atmosphere around the oval would be just magical, transporting us back to China...


There were also urns of "fire" placed around the stage and scattered across the mall. It's quite nice but I'm not sure what it means.. Anyway, I'd guess the fire is supposed to warm us up as spring time in China is still quite cold as the season changed from winter to spring.

Flowers and lime trees were also placed around the mall. I have pics of those but I screwed up the white balance and so, will need A LOT of time to fix the colours. However, I doubt that those photos should see the light of day.... *sigh*


  1. Yea.. Cant believe CNY is actually a week away. All the shopping, the preparations... and the day is just a week AWAY!!!

  2. I am sure it will be great feeling. I remember my trip to Malaysia two years ago. Have fun..!!!

  3. Can't wait for CNY! Wohooo.

    Nice decor.

  4. Hi elise, Pradeep, Che-Cheh,

    elise - Yep... Holidays coming soon!

    Pradeep - Thanks! Do come and visit M'sia again...

    Che-Cheh - I can't wait for CNY holidays.

  5. Somehow, I don't quite find the CNY deco in 1Utama very nice this year. I also wonder what the fire means : )

  6. Hi foong,

    Yeah, I was afraid that the deco would get too gaudy but it was pretty tasteful... Thank goodness!

    Anyway, it does invoke the CNY mood!

  7. Less than one week till the oranges and bak kwa are unleashed!

  8. Hi Chris,

    Parents bought some bak kwa last night and starting wolfing it down already. LOL!!!

    Got to watch that diet. Am pretty stressed now to enjoy the CNY...

  9. i m so not looking forward for cny.. hai.

  10. Hi ben,

    Any reason why you don't like CNY? I don't have much CNY spirit as I've got to work my @ss off because of client's screwed up project management...


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