January 04, 2011

Called Home To The Lord - We Will Miss You Ian Tan

It was so sudden, so shocking. We hoped that it was someone else...

We got the news on Sunday night, just when we finished an early dinner. We had plans to go do some grocery shopping for fruits when we got a very disturbing call from my eldest uncle. My eldest cousin Ian had just passed away.

It was so sudden.

We had just celebrated his birthday which fell on Christmas day. It was a large family gathering & ever since my cousin returned from US, we celebrated his birthday during our annual Christmas celebration at one of the aunt's or uncle's house.

Cousin Ian with one of the new puppies "Robin"

My cousin was gifted. He was gifted with a beautiful voice and gentle heart. He was a voice tutor and had come back from US to be with my aunt/uncle after studying and working there for many years. When he was back, he continued to teach and also help out in church.

He was always so musical and inspirational. His gentleness and belief in God touched all of us. I managed to attend one of his performances last year and was in awe.

Anyway, tonite's wake was a testament to his life. He had so much love and shared it with everyone. The house was full with people whom he taught and met in church.

The last performance he gave was at a friend's church for a Christmas event. He had chosen a song titled "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me. During the eulogy, the friend mentioned that the song choice was a bit strange for Christmas but probably my cousin chose the song that during Christmas, there was always hope in Christ who came to wash away our sins.

This was strange. I had spent some time at my aunt's place to fix up their Internet connection. I had to return twice to get everything all setup. While I was setting things setup, I had heard him practicing that song. It was one of my favourite songs too... I didn't want to interrupt him during his practice as I wanted to ask him about who was the singer of the song. So, after I finished everything, I went home - with the song in my head. I had thought that he was practicing for church the next day. It never occurred to me that he was going to sing it during Christmas celebrations.

Looking back, I was glad to have had to go back to my aunt's place twice to fix up their Internet connection. I always did love his singing. Even when he didn't sing, he was a great pianist. I was glad that I was there to listen to him sing - for one of the last times.

We're all sad to lose such a gentle soul but we're glad that he has gone home to be with God. I'm sure that he is now singing to God, praising him. For now, we rejoice that he is free from suffering as he suffered from lung problems from an early age but despite that - kept singing and praising God.

Here's the song "I Can Only Imagine"...

We'll miss you Ian. I'm sure that now you're with JoJo, Granny and Grandpa. in the beauty of heaven. Am sure they will be glad to see you there.

God bless...

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