February 09, 2006

Another day, another blog

)))))))))))))) Something new and exciting coming this way (((((((((((((

I can't for the life of me, think of what to say.

Anyway, for the moment, I've decided to stop chasing my tail and just sit down to enjoy the evening, while I still can. I just got word that I've a number of items to accomplish by the end of February.

It doesn't help to know that I'll be getting an additional resource but the fact remains that you cannot change one thing - that is, that February consists of 28 days this year. Being a non-leap year, it would be 28.5 days since, its an even number and we're 2 years away from 2008, which is a leap year.

The funny thing is that project management based on the "man-month" typically puts in about 25 days per month. Why not 30? Well, its because of February. If you start your project on February, you don't have 30 days. (** grin **) If you discount weekends, well, you probably have around 20 days.

Anyway, I plan to pick up "The Mythical Man-Month" for my personal reading.

If you can't figure it by now, yes... I'm one of those geeky Software Engineers/Architect. LOL!!!

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