February 28, 2009

My 50mm Experiments

The project I am working on has sort of stabilized but I'm still facing some sh*tty stuff from the client. The work is done but they expect to sign-off on a ZERO-defect application. The problem is, some of the defects were caused by the client's poor understanding/confusion... In short "USER PROBLEM". (^^)

Not letting the sh*tty stuff get the better of me is an uphill battle and I'm so glad that the weekend is here for me to recuperate. Less, I go crazy and berserk in the office...

Some weeks back, I was playing around with my 50mm lens and got a few shots... AND I got some willing models too...

I just love the bokeh this lens provide and under low-light conditions like the indoors of my house, the low aperture still provides sharp images. Shot taken at F/2.5, 1/25 sec, ISO-200 (Shutter priority)

I like this photo of Snoopy as she looks as though she is peeking through the shadows. She looks like she is glad to be in the shade. - Shot taken at F/1.8, 1/25 sec ISO-100.

Rusty looks very intense here as he concentrates on destroying on what seems to be an indestructible burger toy. LOL!!

Anyway, I'm learning to use Manual mode for this lens as there is so much I can do with this lens.


  1. aiyoo i love to look at both of your babies ...

    so cute until i feel like kidnapping them home...er ..can i?

    hey take more photos of them can? I love to look at them....


    also can improvise your photography skills mah :D

  2. I like the 3rd pict. Nicely taken. I love bokeh too. Wohoo!

  3. Aww...isn't your babies adorable! The burger still "alive"? =)

  4. ZERO-defect application? Tell em this ain't The Matrix!

  5. Hi Lisa, Che-Cheh, Tekkaus, Chris,

    Lisalicious - Are you sure you can handle both of them dogs jumping and licking you all over? HAHAHA... BTW, Snoopy has a blog - more cute photos there. I believe they use their cuteness to get more treats.

    Che-Cheh - Thanks! I like this shot too.

    Tekkaus - The burger is still alive. RM5 toy can last so long!

    Chris - I would love to stick them in THE MATRIX. I'm thinking of human batteries.. (^^)


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