July 10, 2010

Fusion Japanese & Italian @ Pasta Zanmai, Empire Subang

It's ashamed that Japan never met Italy in the World Cup this year. However, you can always try a mesh of these two countries at Pasta Zanmai.


Empire Subang is fast becoming a very popular spot for us locals around Subang Jaya, Sunway & USJ. The lower ground floor is dedicated to food and it is home to a couple of big restaurant franchises - Chilli's, Italiannies and Rakuzen.

I've eaten at Pasta Zanmai previously and am really a big fan of their salad which is dressed with a very tangy and smokey sesame seed dressing. This time around, although I did order the salad but we finished it up right before I could take a photo of it. (^^)


I ordered one of my favourite dishes - the Japanese style hamburgers which tends to be a lot more juicy and has a very rich beef flavour. The lean to fat ratio of the minced beef is a lot lower and so, that makes the burger very tender. The sauce goes exceptionally well with white rice. In short, this is comfort food.


Since we were at a fusion restaurant, I suggested that we try a fusion pizza - Chicken Teriyaki with Onsen Tamago and shredded seaweed. I love thin crust pizza and so, I found it delicious since the focus was on the ingredients and not the pizza bread.

As for dessert, we couldn't help but order a helping of Goma ice-cream to share. Goma which is sesame seed has a very rich nutty flavour which can give a slight savoury feeling.


It was a satisfying meal indeed. Well, even if both countries didn't make it through to the World Cup 2010 finals, in the world of cuisine, both are winners to me!!


  1. Anonymous1:00 pm

    They have a branch in MidValley. But I have yet to try out the food.

  2. I walked pass this restaurant the other day. Not sure good or not. But I will definitely try it next time.

  3. Me loves Pasta Zanmai.

    A lot.



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