May 28, 2011

Norwegian Exposure

So many photos to process....

And when the photos are done, which ones do I put up?

For this business trip, I brought my new CPL (Circular Polariser) filter which I had gotten just before I flew off. It was certainly a good investment of my RM300+. I would have to agree that the CPL filter is quite useful when you're out and about.

We didn't get to go very far and decided to explore the city sights.


One of the recommended sights from our Norwegian colleagues was to go to Aker Brygge, which is a pretty happening harbour very near our apartments.


The city of Oslo is pretty organized in grids - which can make us a bit confused at times because we're not used to the organization. LOL! There were times when we thought we were using a "short-cut" but it turns out to be a long cut. Grrr.... But it was not bad as the weather was pleasant for walking.


Transportation around Oslo is very convenient. The buses, trains, trams, ferries and metro (underground) are all inter-connected. With just a weekly pass for 200Nkr, we have access to all the public transportation. The buses and trains run on time and you even have a timer on how long the next bus is away from a stop. That's efficiency for you.

Besides that, Oslo is also a very pedestrian-friendly city. Cars stop at the zebra crossings and won't speed up if they see you on the crossings. The walkways are wide enough and paved making it very pleasant and safe to walk.

The walk to Aker Brygge took us around 20 minutes downhill. It is really a lovely little harbour where you can walk around and enjoy the fresh air. The harbour also has some really nice little eateries and pubs too.

What caught my eye was the marina..


Across Aker Brygge is the Akershus fortress which we visited during the weekend.


There are some interesting sites around Aker Brygge and along the harbour, there are some lovely restaurants including TGIF (which... isn't that great in my opinion)...


There's definitely a hive of activity around the harbour since it was close to the independence day celebrations.

I will post up some interesting pics later.


  1. Lovely place.
    I like the marina shot.

  2. Yeah lovely place. Continue to post more.
    Kee Yit

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