May 18, 2011

A Photographer's Hard Lesson

Did something extremely silly a couple of nights ago.... I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED SOME PHOTOS WHICH I DIDN'T TRANSFER OUT FROM MY SD CARD!!!!

*Sigh*.... I had meant to back up my photos after each session but I put it off.

Call it procrastination and this is certainly a very hard lesson to swallow.

Some of those lovely photos of Oslo will never come back - especially when I took a picture of a parade of Norwegians dressed up in 16th century gear commemorating the founding of the city by a Danish prince....


I had been lazy. So, this is the punishment I got. Time to be a better organized photographer/traveler.


  1. So must back up every time we snap our photos right? :D Do it daily? :p

  2. Ouch... hard lesson.

    I only delete photos from SD card once I do the backup.

  3. better way yet... move the photos out of the SD card... so you dont need to remember if you have backed up or not... hehehe...

  4. Hi all,

    Managed to recover the photos but it's a damn hard lesson to learn. Yeah... Best to move the pics out of the SD card every time I'm done shooting.


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