February 09, 2007

Another Day, Another Blog Gets Older...

This blog turns 1 today (Snoopy's b'day cake - borrow 1st arr...)

Happy Birthday to 'Chasing Tails'....

It is another year, this blog has officially turned 1 year old. It only has about 79 posts and growing... (^_^)

I still remember I just started this blog when I still had my other one running at MSNSpaces (now, Livespaces). I decided to give Blogger a shot again since it had some of the features I wanted. Between all the hang-ups while it was still at beta and now, with the introduction of some new features, I feel that I should still stick with Blogger although I'm tempted by Wordpress. Pssstt... I also have a link at Wordpress but it links back to this site. (^_^)

I still have a lot to learn about blogging. I'm looking into using Technorati as well as look into posting up my RSS so that you can subscribe to my blog. Besides that I've got to work on my 2007/2008 layout too!!

So much to do, I envision 2007 will be another busy year for this blogger!

I wish to thank everyone for their support. I'll try to post more useful stuff on this blog but for now, I can only do quick updates since I don't have Internet connection at home while in the UK. I should be able to do more when I'm back home.

For more, I would like to say, 谢谢! Thank You, Terima Kasih, Danke, 너를 감사하십시요, Grazie, and last but not least... ありがとう


  1. Happy birthday! Yes, it has been an eventful 2 years.

    With the dawn of the year of the dog and the coming of the golden pig, I hope this blogger will have a more interesting and challenging future career ahead to develop.

    Must cultivate the virtues of patience and tolerance a bit more to be successful. As the saying goes, " all will come to you if you have the patience to wait"

    Take care/Pa

  2. Thanks for the well wishes! :)

    Will try to do more this year!! :)


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