February 23, 2007

Food, More Food

It's already the 10th day of CNY and already, I'm starting to feel the aftereffects of it.

So much food.... I'm just bursting...

年三十晚 feast

Monday, 26th February 2007 was the traditional "Hokkien" Chinese New Year. Legend has it that during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya, the Chinese Hokkien celebrated CNY on the 9th day after hiding in fields of sugar cane for 8 days. When they emerged from the fields, they realized that 9 days had passed. So, during this day, it is a special time for the Chinese Hokkien in Malaysia.

So, during this day, the lowly sugar cane is taken and placed in the house to remind us of how this plant had saved our ancestors during those trying times.

I'm not sure if this is true or not but that was what I was told-la. (^_^)

If I'm not right, please correct me-la. Kekekeke...

Anyway, this year's CNY has been all about the food! I have a few other photos of food but am rather lazy to showcase them here. Hehe.. That has been the hallmark of my CNY this year.

It was fun to meet up with my cousins and relatives who are a year older and so, being more mature, they are alot more interesting to chat with. The young kids had a lot of fun with Snoopy who is exhausted from all the CNY fun. :P

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