March 01, 2007


Note: This happened about a couple of weeks back during the final days of the CNY holidays. Since then, I've gotten sick again.... *sweat*

It has been a while since I've fallen sick.

Anyway, I had to wait at the clinic for over an hour because the doctor came in late. The clinic was opened early but the doctor came in only at 9:15am.. (-___-)

I actually saw him walking from his really nice Merz, parked opposite the clinic. I believe it to be a SLK but I didn't bother as I was really sick as a dog.

After all that hassle, I went home with all my medicine to rest. Prior to that, the night before, I called EV to kacau her about something...

Me: where are u?
EV: at home-la!
Me: what u doing?
EV: having sore throat, fever, bodyache and runny nose.
Me: WAHAHAHAAHA.... U-la, eat too much CNY stuff...
EV: what???!!!! i like ma!
Me: kekeke... i'm starting to feel sick too, how-lar?
EV: ehhhh... take mc-lo!
Me: ceeehhhhh...

Anyway, after my visit to the doctor, I called back and this is what happened...

Me: Harrrrlllooooo... (soft voice)
EV: wahhhh... What happened??
Me: sick-lo...
EV: ahhh.. like that how?
Me: mai take mc-lo...
EV: ohhhh...
Me: eh, can u torture me less today?
EV: cannot!! I got questions to ask u!!!!
Me: .... (天啊啊....) *Translated as "HEAVEN-ARRHHH"

EV has been pondering over a few life changing questions for the past few weeks. Anyway, after much haggling and when she noticed that my voice was going off, she decided to say, "Bye-Bye" and left me alone... to suffer...

This is one thing which I don't like about CNY, if I don't take enough water, the weather and food will affect me. Needless to say, I did a bad job in controlling my food intake, which caused me to not only gain weight, but fall sick too!

Guess that in the next couple of months, I've got to seriously detox and lose all that weight!!

The months of suffering are to come... I need to motivate myself... *chuckle*

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