March 24, 2007

Need Hardware Lists from Lowyat?

I'd guess by now, everybody knows that Lowyat is the "heaven" for us geeks - from M'sia and abroad.
(OMG... It even has an entry on Wikipedia!!)

I've got colleagues in UK who are dying to drop by M'sia just to visit this place. LOL!!

Anyway, for all of you out there who recall that back in the day, the site used to host price-lists from most of the big shops, including those which were "scanned" from hardcopy. However, these scanned price-lists were removed after a while and I'm not sure why it was done so.

So, if you're looking for the big price-list, this site has it -->

Have fun salivating over what your next purchase would be!!

BTW, PC Fair is coming to KL in April.. BE PREPARED!!!


  1. Great!!! I am planning to buy a new desktop. Thanks for the hardwarezone site. ^_^

  2. Hehehe... Me too. (^_^)

  3. save to save.... sad..... where is my bonus....

    ok, here are my wishlist, hope santa (though its not ur season) can give me :

    17 inch lcd (i din ask for 19!) with 5 ms
    dvd writer (normal 1 will do)
    graphic card around rm500-600

    see? not too much right? *grin*

  4. Hahahaha...

    I agree.

    I've been asking Santa for an LCD monitor for ages, but yet, I've not gotten it. Probably I've not been good. LOL!!!

    My wishlist is very simple too

    - 17inch LCD monitor
    - Wireless Keyboard + Mouse combo
    - Laser mouse

    Not sure how much all of these cost but it's going to be pricey.. :P

  5. xetajones10:20 pm

    wow. jeng jeng is rich le. hehe. Not like me stuck with the old one for for 2 years. Lowyat is good. if you see xetajones. its me!
    My current MOBO:
    AMD64 3000+
    Nvdia 5700 AGP Card
    1 Gig DDR400 RAM
    17 inch Philip LCD
    Acer Wired Keyboard
    Logitech wireless mouse
    Labtech lousy 2.1 Speaker

    My latest addition. Senheiser Wireless Headphone with 75m range. Kewl right?

    My wish list
    AMD Dual Core
    2G DD2 RAM
    Nvidia 7600 Graphic Card
    21 inch LCD
    A THX certified speaker.
    I can watch DVD using my comp. how cool!

    Btw kinda I like the coolermaster casing. Hoping can get one.but $$ is the problem.

    Thats about it. hehe.

  6. Whoa!!!

    Current setup is not bad but with additional RAM, would be fantastic-la. ;)

    Senheiser Wireless headphone - fantastic!!

    Anyway, my wishlist is to get another customized desktop but judging from the requirements, the desktop (minus the externals) would be around RM2500. (o___o)

    Sigh.. One can only dream about it at this point.


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