March 14, 2007

EV Bites...

A lot of people ask me why I call my friend - "EV".

Here are some reasons:
1. EV stands for "Emotion Vampire"
- Do not underestimate EV's ability to suck the life out of you by talking about her emotions and just being "emo"... After a "Emotion Suck" session with her, it is best to replenish your energy by taking loads of "healthy" products - think alcohol.

2. She really is a Vampire
- I have some photos of EV baring her teeth and yes, her canines are longer than most people, hence, the vampire-ish look.

3. She bites...
- I am not joking about this. She really does bite using teeth and all. I don't recall how it all started but I'm guessing it had to do with food and her being very hungry.

- 1997, Somewhere in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia...

EV: I'm hungry.
Me: You're always hungry. Eh, Why those ppl so late-wan??
Friend: Dunno. I'm getting kind of hungry too.
EV: I'm hungry.
Me: We know.
Friend: Yeah, "tahan" a bit... They won't be long.
EV: I'm very very hungry-le...
Me: Sorry, I got nothing to feed you. Can "tahan" a bit or not...
EV: I don't care!!! I'm hungry-la.. Going to get "gastric" soon... (-____-)
Friend: Hahaah!! OK, OK, Nah... Have this-la ** Offers left-arm **
EV: OOOOooooooo... Nice..


Friend: AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY YOU BITE MY ARM???!!!!

EV: Yum, yum... Very nice - taste like sausage...
Me: **speechless** (o___o)

Friend: Aiyooo.... Pain!! **Sniff Sniff** **Strokes arm**
Me: **looks at arm** Doesn't look so bad-le
Friend: WHAT NOT BAD!! Look!!! Got teeth marks!! ** points to arm **
Me: What have you got to say for yourself??
EV: Ehhh... It taste like chicken??

Friend & Me: ** SHOCKED BEYOND WORDS - Mata Terbeliak **

Ever since that day, both of us have avoided EV whenever she announces that she is hungry. I think whenever EV does show her teeth, my friend remembers about that day when EV bit her arm.

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