March 19, 2007

Amazing Story...

This is an amazing story about my friend's cat and dog.

Over the weekend, I had to meet up with this friend because we needed to visit another friend who had her baby last year. I did not have time to visit during the CNY holidays because of the various activities which occurred then.

Anyway, my friend mentioned that her cat had been missing for a few days since Thursday night. Her cat is very special, it only has one eye. He was rescued when my friend found him in Bangsar as a kitten, wandering around the place with a very badly injured eye. Through the goodness of her heart, she took him to a vet to get his eye fixed but unfortunately, the eye had to be removed.


He was aptly named Cornelius and I often joked that he's named after the wise and curious character from the movie "Planet of the Apes".

My friend, being very distraught that Saturday morning said that she was worried that he had been stolen or something. I thought that he might have gotten lost. He was let out a few times before but always came back in the morning, "meowing" to let people know that he had returned home.

I tried to reassure her that he'll eventually come back. Probably he is lost and does not know the way home or hopefully, someone has picked him up and taken care of him.

Anyway, just a few moments ago, my friend messaged me on MSN...

Friend: ANGIE!! THE CAT'S BACK!!!!

That was certainly good news! (^___^)

However, the most amazing part of it is that it was the DOG who brought the cat home!!!

My friend has another dog, named Rusky and she's a sweet girl. She did growl at Cornelius for a while when he first arrived but since then, she has accepted him as part of the family/pack.


Anyway, Rusky was let loose to go wander around and when she got back, Cornelius followed her back as well!! My friend heard the "meowing" and found Cornelius back home. The poor cat was dirty and hungry after being lost for so long. My guess is that Rusky used her doggy instincts to bring Cornelius back home.

What a sweet end to an amazing story!!

This reminds me that even though Cats and Dogs are sworn enemies, but in the end, it is stories like these which inspire to think about how we all could learn to live with one another and help each other out in our time of need. Wouldn't it be better if we all got along a little better?

Note: The pictures of both Rusky and Cornelius were provided by my friend. ;)


  1. hmm..this touching story really reminds me about man & woman.. U see... man r like dog and woman r like cat. They both do NOT understand each other MOST of the time but they still can live together and stick to each other until the end of their life! Sound amazing hah!? :D

  2. I don't agree that men should be categorized like dog and women cats. It can be vice versa, right? :P

    Anyway, cats and dogs are natural enemies in the wild. So, are you suggesting that men and women are natural enemies?? :)

    It is a good point that different people have different opinions about each other.

    The point of this story, which a lot of people has missed that the dog has gone out of her way to bring the cat home, meaning, it loves the cat, even though she may not like it so much.

    The big message is LOVE, which brings about understanding. ;)


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