February 17, 2007


猪打狗... hehehe...

It is that time of year again. So quickly time passes by...

Yes, it is the time to start stuffing your faces with oranges, cookies and "龙肉" (long yuk), peanuts, cashew nuts and other kinds of goodies.

Yes, you can forget about your hard work you did in January as part of your 2007 resolution. It is going out the window in the next few days. (^_^)

Frankly, every year I either enjoy or tear my hair out during this time of year because I have to face something horrible.... my relatives...

They will always ask the following questions:
  1. What are you working as now?
  2. How much are you making?
  3. Where are you working?
  4. Are you still studying?? (Doesn't make sense, to them, you are always either in Form 5 or Uni)
  5. Got bf/gf?
  6. If answer to last question was "Yes", when are you getting married?
  7. If answer to last question was "No", WHY???? (followed by long narrative about continuing the "Tan" bloodline)
Anyway, I don't blame my relatives for asking such questions because I only see them once or twice a year. We don't usually visit them most of the time because of our busy schedule and so, I tolerate these questions.

Other closer relatives would be asking about how my work is and whether I'm attached or not. I think they may have given up hope that I'll continue any bloodline from me. Hehehee.. Frankly, I'm happier with my single life but who knows maybe one day I'll settle down? :P Only time and God will tell. ;)

However, some friends I know said that CNY is the time when all the "ammo" comes out, i.e. GOLD jewelery. I have one particular friend, whose mom always buys a bit of gold so that she can "show off" her status to her relatives during CNY. Hehehehe... I'm lucky that my mom doesn't like gold so much. My poor friend has to "donate" part of her $alary to get her mom some gold... ;)

Anyway, as the "年三十晚" approaches, I wish everyone a Happy Year of Pig! May it bring more prosperity and joy to all!!! (^_^)

祝大家新年快乐!! 恭喜发财!!!

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