December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

This will be rather short as I've not had the time to reminisce about the wonder that was 2007...

I had been sick since Christmas and only managed to pull myself together a couple of days before the year ended... More about that on another post...

All I can say that I hope that 2008 will bring a better year to those who wish for one (who wouldn't) and that it'll give us another chance to be a better person than what we were in 2007. (^^)

Here's wishing you and everyone a ...

Happy and Blessed New Year!!!!

P/S: Thanks for supporting this little blog by reading it. I hope to do a better job next year...


  1. Hi, It's been a while.. kinda busy.. and yea, abandoned my blogger site too :)

    Happy New Year 2008!!!

  2. Hi Vincent,

    Happy New Year to you too!! Cool!! You've gone ".com" with your blog.

    I'll probably make a move for it too. Will need to contact someone about it... ;-)

  3. Happy New Year 2008 to you and Snoopy!!!

  4. I wish you have a great year ahead and happy new year !

  5. Happy New Year to you and Snoopy! :-)

  6. don sweat abt it..having this blog is alr an achievement..unless u close it down of course..

  7. Happy New Year, this could be a better year for us, bloggers!

  8. Hi che-cheh, keeyit, helen, joe & monkeywong,

    Thanks for your comments! I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!!!


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