December 04, 2007

'Tis The Season To Get Fattyyyy...

Ahh... Christmas is indeed in the air.

I managed to capture a few photos while at a shopping mall tonight but am a little lazy to upload it. I'd guess I shall save the photos when I want to describe the amount of effort invested by some malls to entice shoppers to part with their hard earned $$$.

Anyway, it occurred to me that when Christmas comes around the corner, there are a few things we can't escape from. The eating, drinking and extensive merry-making we indulge ourselves during the festivities.

So, time to watch what we eat!! Although some of us are working our butts off at the gym to try to get ourselves to fit into a dress two sizes smaller than what we usually wear, it is during these festivities that the most "damage" occur. I'm finding myself getting tempted by the lovely chocs and Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte but have to admit, I can only take at most two out of this entire month!! It's too sweet for me! I'd rather go for something which tastes fruity sweet rather than sugary sweet.

Just remember to eat in moderation, and although that lovely chocolate fountain is calling you, try to remember how difficult it is to shed those pounds every year come Jan 1st. (^^)

Anyway, I know its very hard. But do try to keep yourself healthy by exercising and eating right?

Remember, the New Year is around the corner and its time to dust off the old Resolution List!!!


  1. i am more tempted with roast lamb though... hehe...

  2. Woohoo, roast turkey, me like - maybe this can replace your cravings for chocs!!

  3. Hi Angie, noticed your callsign and used to have a girlfriend by that name, she now grandmother I guess, but still, never can tell. No, you not her, but I like your blog, and your Snoopy Jack Russel.
    These guys can never keep still, huh? Always active.
    I used to have a Doberman named 'Smoky Joe'....well trained to pick up the phone when it rings, ha ha.
    Everytime the phone rings, he jumps up excited. Gets depressed if no calls, ha ha.
    Very colourful blog you have, love it.
    Anyway, you have a nice day, UL.

  4. keeyit9:58 am

    Year end and the beginning of the year sure got company dinner, festival celebration with friends and family. Haha.. cannot stop eating and drinking.. and sure will gain weight.. Nevermind once a year.. just be moderate.. :)

    PS: Upload your photos when you free la.. I kepoh want to see :P


  5. fluffy~3:34 pm

    Ooohhh I love Xmas, chocs, food, movie, xmas tree and de spirit! ^.^

    Fluffy Life~

  6. Hi everyone...

    zewt - oh man!! roast lamb??!!! i just read jamie oliver's recipe and it just looks fabulous!! ahhh...

    slyvesteR - roast turkey? not as nice as roast lamb. hahaaha... nope, the choc craving stays...

    u.lee - hi there! thanks for dropping by. yep, snoopy is very active when she wants to be. u have a great day too! (^^)

    keeyit - hahaaha... true-lo. must tahan... tahan... i'll try to post something for friday. hahaaha!!

    fluffy - yeap, x'mas has that warm and fuzzy feeling. ;-)

  7. MonkeyWong11:16 am

    Can't wait for Xmas, love the feeling, too bad no snow here! :P

  8. Hi MonkeyWong!

    Yeap.. What is missing is the snow but when the snow melts, it gets very very messy. Yuck!


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