December 01, 2007

1st of December.. Is Christmas Upon Us?

This will be a rather short post. No photos yet as I've to decide which photo of Snoopy to pick out. She's already in the Christmas mood... sort of.

Anyway, I've fallen ill again. This time, it's my stomach. I think I'm having diahorrea since I had passed some soft stools... err, I'd best stop at that. It's probably some bad fish since I had sushi last night.

I tried to put up my usual "snowflake" JavaScript but the "new" Blogger template complained about some invalid XML. So, rather than trying to figure out the sometimes mysterious error message, I've decided to just leave it at that and just modify my existing banner. So, that puts my blog in the Christmas mood.

For me, the season of Christmas does not begin until the 1st week of December, when the Catholic church's Advent calendar begins. What does that mean? Advent is the start of the holy season to welcome Christ into our lives. While the season of Lent was a time of repentance and a start of our journey to return to Christ, Advent is about welcoming Christ again. It is also the time, when we should remember about the 2nd coming of Christ.

Hence, the reason why I waited for this weekend to put up my Christmas trimmings. (^ ^)

Around this time last year, I was away in UK, feeling rather homesick and was sad about missing Christmas with my family. However, I had a really great manager there who decided to ship us home to Malaysia for two weeks since everything (including the office) was closed for two weeks.

Anyway, I had been following a journey with Christ using a little booklet and it was wonderful. I got closer to God and the true meaning of Christmas came through. The spirit of giving and peace upon all of us.

I usually place a lot more emphasis on Easter as it symbolizes new life but when Christmas comes around, I get sentimental and feel very warm and fuzzy thinking about Baby Jesus in his swaddling clothes, in the manger. I don't have the Nativity Scene as a Christmas decor in my house... :-P

So, has the spirit of Christmas caught up with you yet?


  1. 5xmom8:10 pm

    Yay! The purple and pink candles are out and I love how one candle each is lighted each week. Plus the joyful songs at church. Advent is here!

  2. Hi Lilian!

    It's that time of year again. (^^)

    Certainly gives us all a warm fuzzy feeling, right?

  3. cbenc129:52 am

    U were working/studying in UK last year??!! Lucky u!!!

    Life's Roller Coaster~

  4. Hi ben,

    Was working. Not studying. Where I was in UK was rather boring since it wasn't anywhere near London.

  5. You got diarrhea? Me too lar.. and we live miles apart. lol

    The snow touches on your banner is nice and subtle. Hmm, you make me want to do things to my banner now...:-P

  6. Hi Helen,

    Yeah, I'm wondering why. Seems that a lot of people kena diahorrea last weekend. Hope you feel better...

    Hahaah! Get in the X'mas mood-la! :-)

  7. keeyit11:26 pm

    I hope you are alright now !
    Take care always !

  8. Hi keeyit,

    I'm ok now. Thanks for the wishes. (^^)

    Don't quite like the new blogger form where you can't enter your other e-mail details..

  9. Certainly have the mood now. You can hear christmas song playing in every shopping complexes now.

  10. Hi Jam,

    LOL!! Yeap. It's the in the air here since mid-November after the Hari Raya and Deepavali festivals. (^^)

    Certainly gets us consumers into the spending mood.


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