November 30, 2007

Cherish The Living

A couple of entries (zewt's and Little Raymond's) have inspired me to write about this, as well as a piece of news which I received early yesterday morning. Not that I'm morbid but it is a fact of life. There are two things that are certain in this life, which we cannot escape from: death and taxes. I'm talking about the former, i.e. death.

I have listened to so many people voice their regret and sorrow over not being able to say what they want to say or do what they want to do for someone who has just left this world. But it is often too late.

Just yesterday morning, my father and I had a typical conversation. He asked me if I could give Snoopy a ride but I said that I needed to get to work on time. He said, "Just for 5 minutes, only." I told him I couldn't spare it. I had to get to work on time. I didn't know why but I just had to. I got irritated because there are times I need to be in the office on time to do something. (I know, I know... My soul does not belong to the company but that's just me... the responsible idiot worker...)

When I got to work. I heard the bad news. My colleague's father had just passed away the night before.

I paused. Said a prayer to ask for forgiveness from God for being irritated at my father. Said a prayer for my colleague's father and her family.

After visiting my colleague and dinner with my colleagues, I called home and my father asked me to get his favourite char siew pau. This time I did not refuse.

Life is indeed short. Remember to count your blessings and be thankful for it. Remember to cherish your loved ones around you.


  1. MonkeyWong2:53 pm

    Your post makes me think and think! I think I gonna have dinner with my parent tonight!

  2. I said I love you to my mum a couple of nights ago. That is just so not me, but it felt really good when I said it. Haha.

  3. cbenc124:17 pm

    yes, always cherish those around you..! always!

  4. Hi monkeywong, raymond, ben,

    MonkeyWong - Hahaha... Yeap, better to spend some time with your family.

    Little Raymond - Wow. I haven't done that with my parents in a while. But we're not an expressive family. It is very powerful. The "I Love You" should not just be reserved for girl/boy friend. (^^)

    cbenc12 - Yea!!! I cherish you guys also!! (^^)

  5. dont be too hard on yourself. we humans need reminder... and i mean constant reminder. getting the char siew pau is good enough for the day....keep it up!

    by the way, how do you put up the annoucements below your banner?

  6. the thing i never understand about humans are, why take so long to realise it.. and everytime when ppl blog about this topic, i just think that it's so weird everyone took so long to realise this. i've always try and live my life to the point of 0 anger. anger is a letter short of danger.

    and most importantly, we might not share a similar past or present, but we all share a common future - death. no point in holding grudges or over-think stuff.

  7. Hi zewt, ehon,

    zewt - true.. we humans need to be reminded from time and again.
    anyway, i edit the html under my banner to show the annoucements - yep, that means dabbling with your blogger template.

    ehon - i think some people realize this easier than others. people are obsessed with the notion that they can be immortal and when something happens to them, they realize that they're human after all and that life is short. you're right, best to try to lead a simpler life, where we should forget past grudges and not be so calculative.
    good on you for discovering it now. and do keep reminding yourself about this whenever you get angry/depressed/disappointed/etc.. (^^)

    life is too short, right?

  8. u need to teach me that hehehe...

  9. Hi zewt,

    No worries. I'll drop you a mail on some tips. It can be a bit confusing but it'll be worth it. (^^)

  10. Yes, got to cherish everything and everyone in our life. Better appreciate it before we dun get any more chance to do so.

  11. Hi Jam,

    Thanks for dropping by. Yeap. Life is so short and we have one shot at it. So, make the best of it! (^^)


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