November 16, 2007

How Many Days of Annual Leave You Have To Left?

It's a nice Friday to laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzeeeeeeeee around. (^ ______ ^)

I'm very glad to be able to do so as I'm taking a couple of days off work.

Well. Not that I wanted to, but I had to clear some leave.

I had been saving my leave for December since I could not take it earlier a few months back as I was anticipating some work. However, that didn't come through and so now, I'm in a rush to clear my leave since I can't carry forward my leave. :-(

It's ok. That means I can spend some of my days at home with Snoopy. She's hoping that I stay home so that she has a friend to play with. Besides giving her some attention, I can give her blog some attention too!!!

Meanwhile, have a great weekend folks! :-P


  1. So nice....Snoopy will be thrilled. :)

  2. MonkeyWong3:25 pm

    Still got 10 days +, no time to take :(
    Have a nice break :P

  3. Hi Che-Cheh, MonkeyWong!!

    Che-Cheh - Snoopy is looking at me, wondering why I didn't take her "kai-kai" (go out)...

    Monkeywong - Wahhhh... You and I same fate. 10 days.. Have to clear or burn. Worse still, no time to take leave-leh, how?

  4. ehonchan.com1:19 pm

    hehehe. leaves are always good! never too much leave. :D

  5. Hi ehon,

    Yep, we treasure our annual leave, a.k.a vacation time.

    Gosh, I just realized the major grammatical error. *blush*....

  6. Wah, if u accumulate all ur leaves ar, then take all in 1 shot is so fun, don't you think so?? Can hibernate at home of don't want to leave the hosue haha!!

  7. Hi sylvester,

    Hahaha... I wish. I believe that most companies have a policy where you can only take a maximum of either 5 or 14 days leave at one time.

    It would be nice to be able to do so, but I can't imagine the amount of work piled up after that. :-S

  8. I still got about 8 days. BUT I can carry forward to next year.

  9. snoopy is too blessed... lol!!!

    i am also saving mine for dec...

  10. Hi keeyit, zewt!!

    keeyit - wow... that's lucky of you, but you've got to finish by March or something, right?

    zewt - yep, my dog Snoopy is very happy about it. Hahaha... I'm also planning my leave for December. ;-)


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