November 09, 2007

Friday.. But I'm Not In That "Friday" Mood

This will be a two-part post. This is because I've not completely figured out what I want to write about... In fact, I've not figured out the topic at all. Anyway, I hope by the end of the 2nd post, it would be much clearer.

Well, it has been a pretty busy time for me for the last 2-3 weeks due to some new changes at work.

No.... It's not something drastic but it has to do with the ability to embrace and accept change.

Change is not always easy. There is an amount of adjustment one makes to the new change. And the ability to adjust to that change is probably determined by our personality and flexibility. Besides that, it takes an inner strength to embrace change.

Change is also part of life. Everything changes. From the time we were born, we are always changing/evolving. So, we can't say that there is no change in life. It is always there.

Anyway, for the last couple of weeks, I've been battling/adjusting to change at work. I do not want to elaborate too much but all I can say is that there is a void now, and I'm part of the few people asked to fill that void. The void is not a simple one, as it involves some new leadership.

There is some sadness in this change and hence, my mood today.

All I can say is that I am coping with it, learning to adjust to it as I go along. :-)

Hope you folks have a good weekend! I'll try to update more when I have the time. :-P


  1. I feel that you always like to write Friday post. Hehe..

    Change is not always easy especially when we stay at our comfort zone for too long. I scared of changes also maybe because I am not easy to adapt to new things..

    Change is part of life. Yeah, we cannot avoid changes as the world is changing every second. Changes is a must for improvement.

    Happy weekend to you~

    Cheers, keeyit

  2. Hi keeyit,

    Yeap, it's the only day of the week when I do have some time to myself. Anyway, decided to sacrifice some lunch time to do a quick post.

    Yeap. I embrace change for I know without it, we can't improve. Just hate it whenever I'm at the brink of either success or failure, i.e. at the cliff's edge of either standing upright or failing 20,000 ft to the valley below.

    Thanks 4 the encouragement. :-)

  3. MonkeyWong4:02 pm

    The only thing doesn't change is change! :P
    I like Friday, it's "Flyday" for me, I wish I could fly :P

  4. hi Monkeywong,

    Hahaha.... That makes sense!! LOL!!!

    Yeap, hope you can fly fly on a "Flyday" since its the start of the week. ;-)

  5. change is ... necessary... :P

  6. Change can be easy though, it depends solely on how fast you can cope with the new environment. That's one skill you need to have to survive in this world.

  7. Hi zewt, slyvesteR,

    zewt - yep, it is necessary. without it, how can we be in this world today? ;-)

    slyvesteR - bingo. that's adaptability to change. again, it depends on personality and willingness to adapt to it quickly enough. (^ ^)

  8. One of the biggest changes in life is having to live single again when the spouse you have been living for 50years gone to heaven to meet his creator, God !

  9. Hi jamy,

    Oh man... I can't even imagine that... ('_')


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