November 15, 2007

Never Be Afraid To Say What You Feel

Source: Courtesy of VKSoong

I got this picture from my friend during the waning hours of the work day - you know, the time between 4 and 6pm.

After a quick laugh, this picture got me thinking.

Do you have the guts to say what you really feel? Especially towards someone whom you think is supposedly larger, taller, stronger, more senior than you, when you are being put down or bullied?

Do you want to always live in fear, not able to express how you really feel?

I remember the words of Sir Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain during WWII and after. He said,
Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities... because it is the quality which guarantees all others.
How very true....


  1. willchua8:15 am

    In out working environment, it is hard to "stand up" for yourself. everyone expects you to "follow" them. Any suggestion or recommendation make that would clash with the senior's idea during meeting are deem as traitor.

    However, this kind "culture" never suits me and I'm always tend to speak up my mind, though it might leave me out of the herd.

  2. willchua8:16 am

    ops...typing mistake.

    In our working....

  3. Thanks for dropping by my place. :-)

    As for the guts to say the truth.. it's a hard call. It takes wisdom as well..:-P

    The same thing with stupid drivers in front of me. If it's a woman, I will honk like mad.. if a man.. er er... sked kena hentam. lol

  4. Hi Will & Helen!

    willchua - i would have to agree that in our asian culture, we are taught to respect our elders, boss and etc. so, to speak out is like disrespecting people. however, to speak out, we need a bit of wisdom and tact as well. don't simply hentam... hahaa

    helen - hi!! you had a very interesting topic which i jumped from keeyit's site. yea, you need guts and wisdom. don't simply hentam for the sake of hentam-la. as for stupid drivers.. i will still honk, 'coz they're in the wrong or are posing a danger to others mah.

  5. Hmm depends to who.. I will think twice when I talk to my boss or managers or customers. Sometimes not everything I can say as what I think..

    I cannot tell the customer "Actually our sales person really do not know how to do sales one..."


  6. sometimes i say out lor. sometimes i swallow, cos not worth to say. depends lah.

  7. Hi keeyit, misti!!

    keeyit - Hahahaaha... Yeap, sometimes we wish we can really say what we feel. But I think if we really have to say it, let's have courage!

    mistipurple - Yep. Sounds like depends if it is worth our saliva or not, hor? (^ ^)


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