November 27, 2007

Losing My Voice...

My posts has been quite infrequent of late as I have been awfully busy at work. *Sigh*, I hate to use that term, but I have a day job. And until I can win that Big Sweep lottery and "retire" from corporate life, I have to answer to my bosses - my colleagues, managers and team members.

Now, for those who are still studying, cherish your student days!!! For it will not last forever, unless you choose to be a professional student as your career choice... (^ ^)

I have been awfully busy conducting some internal training at work, trying to regurgitate all that I've learned from the last training session some many moons back. It had been a while since I touched the product and it took me a good few hours to recall what I've learned. Hence, the adage is very true... Use it or Lose it!!

Aside from the fact that I had to stand in front of people to speak; which I had no trouble at all, the one big side effect which I do not like about conducting training is the effect it has on my voice. Of course, I do not discourage the participants from speaking or asking questions, but as a trainer, you do most of the yapping.

So, I'm suffering from a slight sore throat after 2 days of intense talking. I had the weekend to rest, but by then, my throat was a bit sore and I was feeling "heaty".

By Monday evening, the training was finally finished and so, I had a bit of time to rest. I had been asked to phone a customer but I found that difficult because my voice was at its breaking point. So, I turned to a colleague who brought some honey to the office. Just a couple of teaspoons with some hot water really does wonders.

It offers relief and your throat feels all nice and warm, just like the honey. But, I still need to rest my throat.


EV: What you want to eat?
Me: (speaking softly)... How about a salad, and pasta? Oooo... How about this foccacia?
EV: **looks at the menu** This one??? It has cheese and etc... You want to eat-ar?
Me: **nods enthusiastically** Yeah yeah!!!
EV: Aiyooo.. You got sore throat and you still want to eat this heaty thing????
Me: Kekekke... (speaking softly)... Yeah.. Fight fire with fire!!!
EV: ** shakes head **

Anyway, my voice is a lot better as I have been taking a lot of water to cool my system. Yep, with water, you produce byproducts and so, you have to visit the loo very often. But, one feels better after that.

So, any other ideas to cure a sore throat or soothe a very "tired" throat?


  1. Gurgling salt water also helps besides the honey drink. Not straining your voice would be a wise idea too =) Get well soon!

  2. Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for the tip. (^^)

    My voice is nearly back to normal. Now, I've got to use it on my customer...


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