November 12, 2007

Rising To The Challenge

It's the start of another week. Should I dread it?

Perhaps not.

For, the start of another day means a new, clean slate to do something. This is the hope we have to give ourselves each day. Living one day at a time. (^ ^)

My last post talked about the new change I had to face. So, after accepting that change, I have decided to rise up to the challenge. Even though I may get knocked down from time to time. However, that should not stop me from meeting the challenge. Because, some of those knocks are just temporary setbacks.

I'm no wuss.

I hope I don't whine too much. Because this new change is an opportunity knocking on my door. Even though it may seem like I'm facing a major stumbling block for now.

I have faith and enough confidence in myself to succeed through this trying time.

"Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill


  1. |*clap*| for your strong determination ! I will support you virtually.. :P

    Chinese proverb always said this "Success is always come from failure."


  2. they say "when changes happen that you dont like, u can either get bitter or get better'..
    i try to always remember this phase when i am in the misdt of changes that i dun like ;)

    good luck and happy week to u!!!

  3. MonkeyWong3:54 pm

    When you believe u can, nothing can stop u! :P

  4. Hi keeyit, ben & monkeywong! (^^)

    keeyit - thanks for the support. *bow* GAMBATE!!!!

    ben - you're right. that's a very good proverb to remember. :-P

    monkeywong - wahh... very positive thinking.. thanks!


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