August 14, 2007

A Lot To Be Thankful For

For the past couple of weeks, the bible passages from Luke, i.e. Luke 12:35-40 and Luke 12:13-21, have been telling us to focus not on ourselves but on others as well as to prepare to meet God.

The notion of life after death plays out for the past few weeks as the bible passages remind us that our riches lie not here in Earth but in Heaven. That we should not focus on ourselves, i.e. self-centeredness but on God.

Certainly, that has kicked off a thought for me. I have a lot to be grateful for.

I may not be rich.

I may not be famous.

I may not have won any lottery or contest.

I may not be the smartest person in the room.

However, I am grateful for the following:

Good Health - I am somewhat healthy.
I'm still working on it. But I'm grateful that I wake up each morning, able to breathe normally, without pain or with the aid of machines. I am able to walk, run (not that fast) and do my work as a normal person. I have premature graying but heck, with the lifestyle we lead, and the people we meet, what's a few gray hairs?? I am grateful that I was born normal, with the capacity to the best of what God has given me. I should do more for my fellow man.

Love of Family.
My mom, dad and the dog - Snoopy (woof!!)

My 'lil sis and Snoopy (Snoopy - ain't I a cutie-pie?)

My future bro-in-law with Guess-Who??

My family ain't that big, I've got my parents and lil' sis and soon to be bro-in-law, not to mention my extended family. We keep in contact, don't squabble as much but support and care for each other. That reminds me, when are we heading down to Seremban to visit my eldest uncle? :-P

The STRONG Tan Senior Women

Part of the Tan clan (my eldest cuz, Ian on the piano)
Love of my dogs.
Oofy (at God's house now)
Yep, I had another dog before Snoopy. It was Oofy. She taught me how to love and live. She has the biggest heart which reaches out to anyone and anything. The birds may land and eat her food, she will not chase them. I believe she was a gift from God.

I'm white and tan, so cute... and I blog too!!!

Snoopy is my great companion and comforter. No matter how lousy my day was, she would come greet me at the door with a wagging tail. Even when she had just had her knee operation, she would still limp to me.

Love of friends.
My mates...

I often b*tch about my friends but I still love them. And I know that they have my back. We've stuck through thick and thin, laughter and sorrow. Though some of us are apart now, we're closer than we think we are.
P/S: If you're looking for EV in the pic, she's not there!! LOL!!! Her identity will remain a secret for now.

Great colleagues.
Farewell Dinner with iNavigate people

At Harsha's Engagement

I've met a number of interesting people in my working life. Some pleasant, some aren't but generally everyone is great. I do hope to work with some of them again for I know we were a great and formidable team. Without you guys I don't think we would have been able to win some awards for the company we worked for. I'm proud of you guys!
P/S: I don't have a photos with my current colleagues. I probably should bring the camera out again. So sorry folks...

Enough $$$ to keep me going.
As I said, I'm not rich nor famous. I just have enough in the bank to get me by. I strive not for riches but only to provide a better living for my family. My family and I have been through tough times. We know from that experience that $$ isn't everything. My job is pretty good and I'm contented with my career for now.

Some Talents.
I have some talents though I do not know what it is. Friends have said that I'm too modest with my artwork. Anyway, I do know one talent which I do not have - Blogging. LOL!! Judging from the no-comments and low numbers, my blog pretty much sucks. But it's ok. It's my blog and I know what I want to do with it!!

So, what should we strive for? The pursuit of happiness is a never-ending quest. However, if we stop pursuing it, maybe it will find us?

Besides that, isn't it our duty to bring joy and happiness to another person in this world? There is joy in receiving but there is greater joy in giving.

I'd suppose I should stop and smell the roses. Be grateful for what I have. Sure, i should continue to work hard, enjoy what I do, but I should also start giving to those in need.

We are so blessed. Have you ever stop to count your blessings?


  1. looks like i have to start counting mine.... one thing... a lot of ppl like to name their dogs snoopy.... why eh?

  2. U r right!Being healthy is valueless! As for no comment its OK lah! See I cum by & drop my comment! Have a nice day!

    BTW tq for dropping by my sites!

  3. zewt - yeap, sometimes, got to stop the b*tching and smell the roses-la. Snoopy is named Snoopy coz.. you go read her blog-la!

    hor ny ang moh - kakaakaka... yes, i saw u cum liao. wahaha.. thanks 4 ur comment. i must cum by ur blog too.

  4. Hi Angie Tan, spotted your callsign at Kayatan and being a kaypoh, took a peep at your blog as I once had a girlfriend by the name of Angie.
    Your 'St. Luke' reminds me of my Form 5. I took Religious knowledge, St. Mark, St. Luke and Matthew. Got distiction too, ha ha. But I'm a buddhist.
    I love dogs, but JRT too active for me. Have always love Dobermans, mostly as guard dogs fully trained of course. Had one called 'Smoky Joe', a real terror till postman and breadman dared not come near my gate old days, ha ha.
    Nice photos you have, and beautiful family too.
    Have a nice day, Angie. UL.

  5. Hi UL,

    Thanx for dropping by. I didn't take bible studies for SPM but wished that it was available during my time. (I'm really old)

    Hahahaah... I remember two Dobermans being guard dogs in my neighbourhood and no one will play with the two dogs are out.

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Take care!!

  6. Angie,

    I envy you until the green monster took over.

    I here alone , no parents, no siblings, aiya.

    Life is never perfect after the fall but we must do HIS will everyday and give Thanks for everything He granted !

    Cheers !

    You have a beautiful blog !

  7. Hi kayatan,

    Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the comments too.

    You're never really alone. He is with you always. AMEN!! ;-)

    Have a nice day!

  8. What no comment? But at least you didn't give up despite that. Okay, you're now blog number 23 on my Google Reader. *I need psychiatric help*

    Oh yeah. I'm thankful I get internet connection at the office. Seriously cannot imagine how anyone could go through the day disconnected.

  9. hahaahahaa....

    Thanks cirnelle. Ooo.. i think i did use google reader but found another nice RSS plug-in for Firefox users called Sage. Quite nifty too. (^ ^)

    Yes, Thank God for Internet access from the office. I can't live without it and I'm very dependent on it, since I'm in IT as well. :)


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