August 02, 2007

Sawadee-ka... Bangkok Hop-Over

I was down in Bangkok again last Thurs night as I had to attend a full day's meeting on Friday.

The company suggested that I go down the night before as my meeting began really early and so, the earliest flight would not be possible.

Anyway, I had to take MAS this time and dreaded the fact that there could be delays.

Boy, was I right! Not only was I made to wait for a full hour at the check-in at KLIA, I was made to wait another full hour in order to get on my flight to Bangkok. When I arrived at the gate, two things struct me.

  1. No one was manning the gate. Not even a security/police personnel was in sight.
  2. The gate's information was wrong. It stayed wrong until the last minute when I boarded the flight.

BTW, there was no announcement from KLIA about the flight being delayed. I think it was obvious that the flight would be delayed as at the specified boarding time, the plane was not even parked at the gate! *Duhh!!!* (-__-)

Anyway, finally my @ss was on the plane to Bangkok. The staff were courteous and efficient as usual. I had my late lunch/early dinner before arriving. The one thing which irked me was that they informed me that I only had one choice of meal left.

Stewardess: Would you like chicken or beef? However, I'm sorry that the beef has run out. Would you like the chicken?
Me: Errrr.. OK.. -_-"

I'd guess it was standard procedure to inform the traveller that there were other choices but it all ran out. Just that I found it funny 'coz it sounds so "scripted". HeeHee...

When I got to the new Bangkok Airport, I was glad to have reached solid ground.

You see, the weather around M'sia has been very cloudy and rainy lately, hence we have a lot of large rain clouds all over the place. So, where there is cloud, there is turbulence, and where there is turbulence... You get the picture.. You'll be riding a rollercoaster of sorts.

I really take my hat off to the air crew as they were able to balance the food trays and drinks during turbulence. If me, you'll get a free bottle of wine or juice or etc... in your lap or face...

Well, remember I said something about queues and delays at KLIA? I got more of the same thing (with repeat disco-chorus) at Bangkok. I had to wait in line for about an hour just to get through the immigration. Wonder why they were soooo slowwww....

Once I got out, I was so glad to be able to get into the taxi and head towards my hotel - Amari Atrium, where my lovely room greeted me...

It's a lot more modern than the room I got last time. I'd guess because this time I got the business rooms.

The bed was very inviting. I was so tired from all the travelling. After all, I had been travelling since 3:00pm (M'sia time). I managed to reach my hotel after 9pm (Bangkok time) despite touching down by 7pm. (o___0)

All I wanted was a nice shower. And guess what I found again...

Hehehee.. Looks like the yellow ducks I posted in the other site. LOL!! I wonder which serious executive would play with the rubber ducky while taking a bath??

Oh yea... The condoms are still available for purchase... It was neatly hidden away in a drawer next to the fridge. At least it is not conspicuous.

Needless to say, I slept like a pig since I was sooo tired.

Bangkok's skyline was rather interesting. I snapped a quick photo of the skyline from the window. If you look carefully, you'll find that the overhead highway is really really high up, unlike our MRR2, the road is straight... :P

Anyway, although my trip was rather short but it was an interesting trip this round. On my way back to M'sia I was also held up for delays both at immigration and by MAS again. *sigh*

Soon after, I read that MAS had fixed is trying to fix their delay problems... *Doh!!*


  1. YogaJess10:56 am

    They way you describe the airline is so funny. lol. I thought Air Asia was bad. but MAS need to get their ass spank!

  2. lol!!!

    yep... they have a few problems to sort out. :)

    i have not taken air asia before and i hope that i don't have to take it... :)


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