August 02, 2007

Should I Stop Blogging?

A lot of hoo-haa is going on about bloggers being a threat, spreading lies and what-not.


Frankly, it is very bad to generalize that all bloggers are out to cause trouble. In fact, some blogs are really helping other people out, for example, the recent Blogathon held for charitable causes.

The US White House Presidential Race is heading towards the Internet as a new medium to disseminate information. They (read politicians) have realize that technologies such as blogs, video-streaming and etc. is here to stay. They have realized that in order to reach the new generation of voters out there, they have to learn to embrace this technology, use it to their advantage and not shun it.

I don't know. This is all getting a bit too ridiculous.

I'll still continue to blog. That's because I like to write about stuff going on in my life - although it's soooo borringggggg....

Besides that, I think I do post some useful stuff too, right? Hehehee.. (^ ^)

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