August 02, 2007

Dog Tired...

Just got back from the gym a couple of hours ago.

I had a lot of energy but after I took my shower and sat down to read my blogs and play with Facebook, I'm now really really tired.

Snoopy likes to dream about chicken... I don't... LOL!!

My workout was about 1.5 hrs today. About 30mins of cardio and about 1hr of strength training.

My bones are aching but I feel good. My head doesn't feel very stuffy and I have more energy now.

However, I've got to watch my right knee as it is starting to hurt. I feel that it is weak. Darn the years of driving automatic transmission cars but we can't help it because of the fxxking jams around KL.

I've been advised to increase my workout from 1hr to 2hrs!! That means I'll spend about nearly a full-working day (if you work 8hrs) at the gym. Whoa..... Intense but it is a worthwhile investment. Basically, I'm envisioning myself being more fit (ala The Secret style-y)

I'm dog-tired... I need to sleep.

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