August 29, 2007

Weak At The Knees

It has been a while since I posted anything. It has been a pretty hectic weekend even though I was at home most of the time.

MU finally won their first match via Nani's great first goal.

Anyway, I had a pretty decent workout on Monday after taking a pretty long break as I had been a little sick and tired.

Somehow, I managed to hurt both my knees. :-(

So, after hobbling around a bit this morning, I had to get a bit of relief.

I got a couple of products.

1. Futuro Comfort Lift Knee Support

I decided to get this one as my left knee is weaker than my right one as I use my right knee alot. :-P

My left knee is hurting a little more as I was working it a bit harder in order to balance up the strength of both legs. My right leg is a lot stronger as I use it when I drive my car. LOL!!

It is kind of comfortable and offers a lot of support. However, it still does tend to bunch up if you sit too long. So, I had to spend some time to adjust it if I wear it under my clothes.

2. Scholl Pro Sport (Knee)

This product is useful since I also needed some additional support whenever I work out due to my weak left knee.

However, this product also has the tendency to bunch up at the knees too, making it very very uncomfortable at the thighs too. :-(

All in all, both products are pretty good for support purposes but I don't think I will wear it during the work day as it will bunch up and makes it kind of inconvenient for me to adjust the elastic support.

Meanwhile, I've told my trainer about my painful knees and she is asking me to observe it for a while. If this pain does persist, my workout routine will need to be changed.

Both products really do help as my pain has reduced to a very minor level and I have 90% mobility and strength in both knees. However, a cold/heat pack is useful to reduce swelling or pain in the knees. Worse case - go see a doctor about the pain.


  1. you're a man u fan too! haha..! good to have a first win.

    anyway... try triflex from GNC... u have to pre-ordered, and it's expensive.

  2. Ouch! Hmmm... go swimming instead.

  3. Dont over do it. :) Slow and steady.

  4. zewt - oooo.. yea! glory glory man utd!! hehehe

    cirnelle - i duno how to swim *blush*

    the malaysian life - yea, hv to go slow liao.

    anyway, i'm much better liao. just have to inform my trainer about the pain if i encounter any. she needs to jaga my fitness level oso mah.

  5. You did the right thing. Let your trainer knows about your knee.

    Get well soon! Take care.

  6. Hi mun,

    Thanks for the wishes. My trainer modified the training and also commanded me to not come to the gym until my knees are better.

    *Sigh*.. I miss the gym.


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