August 23, 2007

Flaaauuuwaaahhhh and Liiiiiiiiiiiifffff.... (Flower and Leaf)

I'm kind of lost for inspiration.

Like Cirnelle blogged about her Blogger's Stroke, I think I am suffering slightly from it today.

Nevertheless, I will take some time out to think about something meaningful to blog. After all, this is my personal blog and I don't have any specific topics to blog like zewt, Cirnelle or even Alvin.

So, I've decided to post a few photos I've taken quite some time back... It's from my trusty little compact digital cam - Nikon Coolpix 5900. It is a little antiquated but I don't think I deserve to get a better camera until I learn some proper photoshop camera techniques.

Palm in the sun

Hibiscus after the rain

Fernleaf - Not the milk, ok?

I did intend to put my camera to good use today to take photos of my colleagues stuffing their faces during this afternoon's potluck lunch. However, they were so busy with eating, they weren't in the mood to have their mugshots taken. (^ ^)

Oh well, I will try to think of something. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos.

Friday is just around the corner, I should be inspired to write something....


  1. wa, not bad leh ur photos. :D

  2. I'm also fresh outta ideas to blog. That plus left-overs of the stroke still plaguing my typing. Hahahaha... just occured to me, with a topic title spelled that way, finding the URL to access this particular post will be a needle in five thousand haystacks. I copied and pasted this onto a proxy in order to bypass the blogger URL. Was trying to count the number of vowels there.

  3. hey alvin,

    thanks! if you look at the dates, the pics are about 2-3 mths old. i wonder why i didn't post it up earlier. kekekee

  4. hi cirnelle,

    when i got home late last nite, my dad mentioned something about a particular cartoon in a tamil daily. not sure if i want to post something controversial but it certainly got my juices flowing.

    hehehe.. yeap, i purposedly did that. lol... anyway, was feeling nuts since "FRYday" was around the corner

  5. Nice pic!Well at least u can post up pic!Have a nice weekend!

  6. halo hor ny....

    thanks-la. hope tat you have a sexcited weekend.


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