August 07, 2007

I'm Getting There... Slowly...

It has been a while since I've posted something.

Yea, it has been pretty hectic around here. Two things dominate my life now - Work and Exercise.

Notice that "Exercise" is a bigger part of my life now ever since I started working out at the gym. It is a commitment I intend to keep for a long time to come.

Anyway, I have to work out about 3-4 times a week, for about 2 hours per session. That makes it 4 x 2 = 8 hrs per week, i.e. 1 "full" work day. Yep, that's why they call it Working Out.

My friends started to quiz me about why the sudden decision to work out. To them, me + gym do not equate. I was fairly active in my younger days playing basketball and badminton but I was never fit.

I have been fat all my life, other than the fact that I was a small baby at birth.

Anyway, the concerns about my health is what stirred me to go and join a place where I can torture myself or pay someone to help torture myself. Besides that, my little sis plans to get married next year and we can't look so different - She's thin, I'm fat.

One particular friend does not believe in the exercise approach and goes for the softer way of dieting.

Sure, that helps for a while, but once you stop or your meal replacement product goes EOL or Gawd-forbid the Company which makes your meal replacement product goes bust or etc..., you're back to square one. You pack on the pounds and worse still, the effect becomes worse, i.e. you become fatter! Why so? Because you're not making your body burn calories efficiently, you're just "starving" your body to pscyhe it to lose weight. Does that change your metabolic rate?? That answer is no....

How about those slimming places?

I shun such places. I've heard horror stories of such places using techniques and equipments to "melt your fat" but that's what it does only - MELT FAT. If you continue to eat, you'll still add on pounds. Besides that, when you first go to such places, you'll lose your water content first. The harder stage is when you've got fat to burn. That's why these slimming places will wrap you, chuck you in the steam/sauna to make you sweat it all out. After that, they massage you and voila, you'll lose your 10kg or $$ back guarantee.

I've heard otherwise...

One ex-colleague has gone from one slimming place to another, only to find that it is the same process and worse still, some people at these places make fun of you behind your back. Wait until those svelte beauties have 2 kids and hit 40... ** rolls eyes **

I for one, still believe in the straight and narrow path of proper diet and plenty of exercise. If you want good examples or role models, have a look at Demi Moore or Madonna. Both women look hotter than the Lindsay Lohans and Britney Spears now.

So, is the regiment helping? YES!! DEFINITELY!!!

I feel better after just starting 2.5 weeks back. I don't get headaches in the morning, my head is clearer, I have more energy during the day (before I exercise) and I'm starting to feel good about myself. The love handles around my waist has somewhat reduced a little but I've got a long road to go.

How much do I need to lose? 40kg in 1 year's time... (0___o)

Yep! It's a lot and I'm doing all I can to lose it! That means a lot of cardio, strength training for upper and lower parts of my body so that I burn more calories and also tone my muscle gradually. The last thing I want to have is sagging skin after losing a lot of weight. To be realistic, I believe if I can lose up to 10kg by the end of the year, it'll be fantastic!!

With each step I take to intensify my training and now that I'm starting to see that my body is getting stronger, I'm gaining more confidence. Confidence that I will be able to achieve my goal.

There is no greater joy than seeing your fats turn into strong muscle. I do not intend to be super muscular, I think that's for the guys but I do want to look toned and feel strong.

To those of you out there who still trust on the diet thingy, it will help to a certain extent, but nothing will help you keep the pounds off than good 'ol hard work of exercise. That's the honest truth.

Pssstt... If you're wondering how much weight I've lost so far.. I think I've dropped a couple of kg.. Time to celebrate.... with a kiwi fruit! :)


  1. Gambate!!! I'm glad u decided on d exercise approach... it's a healthier option. As u know, I'm 1 of those who hv tried d meal replacements thingy... it works but after u stop, ur pounds come back n u end up even heavier than b4... i tried d exercise way too, it too worked... i felt better n d pounds slowly melt away... but i'm kinda lazy, so now i'm back 2 being fat again. have 2 find my inspiration again... salute u!!! i really dun hv much will power when it comes 2 food(can't resist them) and exercise (2 lazy 2 move)

  2. Thanks Linda..

    You should exercise and blog again. That would certainly get your juices and fat flowing.. (^ ^)

    Food is my biggest issue now but if I keep active, I think I can keep my mind off it.

    Meanwhile, let's gambate and improve our health-la!

  3. 40 kgs in one year? Geez. Thats a very big goal. Try to be more specific with your goals - for example, 2kg per month. That way, you can identify and see your progress, and reward yourself for it. Big goals sometimes lead to big failures - cos its so hard, and so far away.

  4. Yeap... It is a huge goal.

    Anyway, that is the amount I have to shed in order to get back to being normal.

    I don't plan to lose a lot too fast. I have to do it gradually. Initially, I am still losing a lot of water but have yet to convert my fat into muscle. So, it is a slow and painful journey.

    Thanks for the advice. I'll take it slow. :-)


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