August 17, 2007

Disappointed... Slightly

In one of my posts, I've related that I'm already spending about nearly 8hrs per week at the gym, working out.

Today, I had my measurement, a.k.a weight, BMI calculation and found out that I've not lost much.

Hence, I'm fxxking disappointed with myself.


I've been working out since 23-July and today, all I can show is that I've reduced about 1.65kg and only 0.7% of body fat loss. I've attended about 7 sessions to date throughout the last 3 weeks.


I'm fxxking pissed with myself.

I've been cutting off alot of things in my diet. So much that I've been thinking two or three times about what I put in my mouth.

However, I got to admit that I have been naughty too. My diet went haywire for the last couple of days as I went out lunch with colleagues and friends. So, it is my fault. It is hard to choose the right kind of food when you're out with friends. Anyway, most of them are pretty understanding - though I still didn't quite enjoy my b'day lunch this year as we had dim sum and we always tend to overeat when we have dim sum.

So, what did my trainer have to say? Work harder - push myself more on cardio and etc. I should be doing 2 hours full cardio per session on top of my training. Whoa. That means I'll be doing 12 hours a week!

Anyway, today's session was not so intense as I was fxxking tired. I've not been sleeping well for the past few days. Besides that, I was working out on an empty stomach. Not a good idea.

What's my action plan?

1. Change my diet even more drastically.
- Cut off my milo completely. I'll just have to make due with only 2 cups per month. I take it without sugar, but with 1/4 cup of low-fat milk.
- More greens, a bit of quality protein (lean meat with little oil) and no carbs (rice, pasta, bread)
- More quality fruits (not too high in sugar - durian is not a good fruit)

2. Work out more
- More ab crunches before bed and after I wake up.
- More movement-related exercises.
- Spend more time at the gym.

As of now, I have not seen even 1 roti canai for the past two months. Same with teh-tarik too.

The last time I had nasi lemak was last month and even then, I felt that it was already too much. (^ ^)
I only allow myself 1 nasi lemak per month.

I've already cut out salt and sugar from my diet. Even limiting myself to 2 cups of coffee per week. The rest of the time would be just water or green tea. Natural juices are ok too but nothing beats the real deal, i.e. fruit.

Don't even talk to me about chocs. The only choc I taste is in my milo.

*Sigh*. It is tough. But I have got to do it.

For those starting their diets and exercise plan. Let's not be demotivated with such slow progress. Who ever said that this was easy was fxxking out of their mind.

Gambate!! 加油!!!


  1. Its going to sound overly cliche, but here goes.... it should NEVER be a diet. It should be a change in lifestyle. So, unless you plan never to see milo again for the rest of your life, I don't think its wise to cut it off. Cause once you go back to it, the guilt and the glut may be quite huge.

    But if you insist on cutting down food, here's one that works wonders. Cut off dinner. Completely. Drastic? Here's why. You don't need dinner. After that meal, you'd usually go right off to bed, meaning energy not used = converted to you know what.

    Okaylah... indulge once in a while when you have family reunions and weddings, don't stare at the food and not eat those. I know its torture. I meant your every other day dinner.

    Eat your fist's sized worth of food for the two meals, which is breakfast and lunch. No snacks of any kind, and there is no such thing as tea time. If you don't feel full after those meals, down glasses of water for the sensation. Water has no calories. The trick for the next few months is not to feel full, its to eliminate hunger.

    Water also does wonders to your digestive system and toilet visits after a week or so. And once your tummy gets used to it, it may become impossible to regain that weight.

    Eat slow. Food takes time to reach your stomach, which in turn takes its scenic route to your brain in telling you it's filled up. Fill up those lags with as slow food eating as you can possibly muster.

    Lastly, yes, cardio first, everything else are just for show really. Cardio hard and fast, everyday (cannot miss) for at least 30 minutes non-stop. Crunches are 100 times and above every time. Or every time you're watching one of them TV series, do your crunches during every commercial break until the series comes back on.

    Sorry I'm writing such a thesis. I'm just living proof, trying to help another lose 10kg in one month.

  2. Cool!!

    Great tips. ;-)

    Yeah, I've been eating less and less for dinner now ever since I started my exercise regime. Besides that, by the time you finish work or your workout, you'll get so tired, you don't want to eat anyway. However, if you do eat your dinner, make sure you have 4 hours to digest before going to bed.

    My mom just told me to take the soup when I get home tonight which is enough for me. Aside from that, fruits will also do.

    Yeah, cutting sugars off is a change of lifestyle. I used to take coke and etc for drinks but after reading Sugar Busters, I've avoided it like a plague. However, once in a while, when I feel like it, I'll just give myself a tiny treat but that's a very rare ocassion.

    I'm sick today and I didn't manage to do my ab crunches this morning. I'll have to scout around for a good mat as my floor is too hard for my back.

    Thanks for the great tips. My friends are beratting me today for being sick as I've overdone my exercise over the weekend.

  3. Falling ill is also a great weight loser. Painful but effective. :D

  4. hahaaha...

    that applies when i get diahorrea/food poisoning.

    normal fever n etc.. i tend to whack normal food.


  5. My friend lost 7kgs in 2 weeks going on the Atkins diet program. Yeah it really works. She followed the program strictly - only meat, no carbs and sugar for 2 weeks. No exercise needed. She was eating KFC (without the skin) and Kenny rogers for 2 weeks at every meal.

  6. hi there!!

    thanks for the tip. i've got a friend who went on the atkins diet too but saw little effect after two months.

    she opted for diet supplements instead.

    the bad thing about atkins is that if you don't take enough fluids, it has dire consequences for your kidney/liver as it is processing a lot of proteins.

    i'm going for the slow and steady balanced diet as i want my weight loss to be steady and not too drastic. :-P

    anyway, thanks for the tip!


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