August 24, 2007

It's Friday Evening and I Hear Sirens

I just finished my internal training session at work.

Anyway, it is now nearly 7pm and the traffic is stuck. The roads outside looks like a big parking lot.

The air-cond at the office has stopped after briefly blowing all the cold air out for about 5 minutes. I have a feeling that they wanted to suck in all the fresh air from outside to refresh us.

Anyway, while going through some documents, I hear a very familiar sound...


From this sound, I automatically pull my car to one side to let the "sound" through.

However, I'm stuck at the office, XX levels above the ground.

That sound does not sound good at all at this hour.

Sh*t... I think I may just camp at the office.

Have a good weekend folks! Hope that the EPL team you support does ok.

I'm praying hard. Very hard for the Devils...

P/S: Oh shit.. It started to rain... FXXK!!!


  1. LOL.Its friday after all. A good time to gather some of your colleagues and gossip...? opps. Network.

  2. hehehe.. yeap.

    some of my colleagues have decided to brave the jam while my team mates have whipped out their psp to play.

    i'm just wondering which game i should clear in my psp. hahaah..

  3. The EPL team that I support is not doing ok :|

    I hope there's a favourable turn of fortune this weekend ;)

    Have a nice weekend!


  5. I hate traffic jams. Argghh

    MU will kick a$$ this Sunday.

  6. Where do all these cars come from??!! Isn't it supposed to be the school holidays? Aren't working people with schooling kids supposed to stay clear away from the city?! Took me 2 freaking hours to get home when it usually took half an hour! Stressss!!

  7. vincent - yep, we only hope for the best. good luck!!

    alvin - go go man utd!!

    che-cheh - yea!! heard that saha will be back! >:)

    cirnelle - i know! however where we are in kl is a magnet for tourists both local and abroad. anyway, most parents like to take their kids to our part of town as it has a lot entertainment. the older kids come with their friends to shop (where do they have the $$$) and enjoy themselves (shouldn't they be studying??)

    meanwhile, have a good weekend folks! i'm still reeling over from having too much chilli for the past few days. urgghhh

  8. kayatan - hi there.. thanks for dropping by. heheeh... been bz over the weekend not to blog/respond to comments. :P


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