August 10, 2007

Saggy Skin??


Wow, now that is no surprise.... **Remembers the fiasco**

Anyway, after my last post, she pointed out a particular paragraph where I said something about "sagging skin"...
Yep! It's a lot and I'm doing all I can to lose it! That means a lot of cardio, strength training for upper and lower parts of my body so that I burn more calories and also tone my muscle gradually. The last thing I want to have is sagging skin after losing a lot of weight. To be realistic, I believe if I can lose up to 10kg by the end of the year, it'll be fantastic!!
So, she messaged me...

EV: Sagging skin....
Me: ???
EV: You sure you can lose all that weight? Hahahaa
Me: I think I can kua...

I think I know what she'll ask next..

EV: So... since you might get the sagging skin, maybe you can donate some to me?
Me: (O__o)
Me: Why? You want me to feel your pain as well???
EV: Yeah!! Since I need some skin to graft my burn, and you have extra skin, why not??

I gave it some thought. True, EV may need to undergo skin grafting to reduce her scarring. She's rather worried about her wound now.

Me: How can??? I'm AB bloodtype. I can only donate to same blood type. :D
EV: Eh?? You are AB-ar? Cehh.. Cannot donate to me-la
EV: **cries** How?? How??

Poor EV. She's still in a lot of pain. Her wound is "weeping", i.e. water is seeping through and it is healing slowly. Despite all that, she still has her sense of humour. :-)

It has been 4 weeks since her accident. Please pray for her speedy recovery.

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