July 07, 2007

Hope You Feel Better...

Just got news that EV scalded her right thigh and hands this morning while making coffee for breakfast... (o___0)

She just spent quite some time at the hospital to get the ointment and medicine after first being told by her doctor at her panel clinic that they didn't have it. (-___-)

Shouldn't the normal clinics be ready to treat for such cases??? Imagine a parent bringing a child in to the clinic for an emergency and being told that they have to go to the hospital because they can't treat it. Shouldn't they at least try to give some first aid?

Looks like some clinics in Malaysia these days are more for profit rather than curing. So much for the Hippocratic Oath. Maybe should it be renamed Hypocritic Oath?

I've seen some clinics turning away some patients because they are on the panel doctor scheme, given by some companies because they can't seem to earn much compared to a walk-in patient. I've seen some doctors at these clinics give me generic medicines when I go in with my insurance card. (-___-)

Anyway, hope that you feel better, ok?

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