July 15, 2007

Late Night/Early Morning Blog??

This is a very late or early blog post.

My brain is frozen now with tiredness and sleepiness. I may be blogging in my sleep. (^^)

Anyway, this is something I've not done in a long time. Staying up late to finish up documents and work. It has been a while.

So, just wondering, what keeps you awake, other than the stress of having to complete your work and submit it on time?

I've tried many techniques, from the time I had to cram for exams back in school, right up to uni.

What is the most effective one so far?

Of late, I've found that classical music works for me. Especially those coming from the Baroque and Classical periods to be pretty effective. So, I've been listening to a lot of Bach and Mozart lately. Classical music from the Romantic period does not cut it for me. I just fall right to sleep. So, sorry, my Chopin CD got to go in the drawer.

Heheh.. Don't even try to suggest opera to me. The high-pitch screams will affect Snoopy and besides, that puts me to sleep straight away. Hehehehe...

Oh yea, don't try to recommend loud music from Linkin Park, et. al as that puts me to sleep too. Kekeekke...

Hmmm.. Besides music, what else? Drinking lots of water so that you have to pee?

Caffeine may not work well with me, since I'm prone to migraines now. I used to take heck of a lot of caffeine back in my uni days. So much so that I probably hug a Coke bottle to sleep too. (^ ^)

**Yawn**.. Time to sleep. It is exactly 3:00am. Hohohoh...

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