July 20, 2007

Community Service Ads...

It's another late night for me. The "joys" of being a somewhat senior executive in an IT project. (-.^)

Anyway, heard this ad on the radio before?

"Hi, I'm bla bla from the movie bla bla"
"I want to tell you about being kind to animals..."
"bla bla bla.."
"Please be kind to animals and don't wear fur..."


Since when is M'sia so "cooollldddd" that we have to wear fur?

Oh yea... I do wear "fur"... Kekeke, if you're referring to my body hair. LOL!!! Hence, am I an animal??

If so, please be kind to me. **bat eyelids**

Frankly, who's the fxxking idiot who wrote that piece of garbage about being kind to animals and fur business as a community message??

If it was that "celebrity" who thought of it on-the-fly, it just goes to show how fxxking "fly-sized" some celebrities brains are. (Oh yea, if you're wondering, I was one of the few sane people who advocated for poor little Paris to spend a few weeks in jail. I can't stand bodoh celebrities)

At least mention helping out the local animal shelter or something... Or, tell kids not to kick the poor dog or cat-la... WTF...

Anyway, this little ad from that radio station irritates the sh*t out of me everytime it is aired.

Another radio ad which irritates the hell out of me is the "We-Shit Visit Malaysia Year" ad which Zewt brought up. Hehehe...

It is coming up to 1:50am. I'm contemplating if I should ditch reviewing the docs which my colleague sent me and just wait until 0207am to post something.

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