July 30, 2007

300 Ab Crunches???

Hmmm... Am feeling very guilty at this moment since I did not go to the gym today as planned. -___-

I was supposed to go for an early session at 6pm but got to work late, had many things to do, hence have to cancel my appointment. -___-

When 7pm came around, I was so freakin' hungry and realized that I forgot to take something at 4pm so that I can go exercise at 7pm. -___-

Anyway, I just had an awful dinner at Genki Sushi, KLCC. I don't think I can ever eat there again.. yuck! -___-

My stomach is acting up for I don't know what freakin' reason. -___-

Yes.. I'm guilty and pissed now.

Anyway, my B2 (Basic 2) training on Saturday evening was pretty ok. I learned a few more techniques on doing some abdominal crunches, a.k.a Ab Crunches. With the right technique, I felt the pull on my abdominal muscles and managed to do 100 reps. My trainer tells me that she had a client who can do 300.

I went... (0____O)

I said, "I think I'm a little bit far from that for now." **smirk**

Trainer: **No response**

Aiya!! *slaps forehead*

Oh well, at least Alvin gave some encouragement about me working out in the gym. Thanks!!

Meanwhile, I'll have to organize my photos a little bit before I post something about my latest trip to Thailand to meet a client last Friday. It should be a little fun.

I missed out on the latest Blogathon but managed to pledge some $$$ to Kelwin before time ran out. We still have 48 hours to pledge. ;-) Do your bit for charity!!!!

Anyway, for more info, visit 5xMom's site. :P


  1. oof, i dislike genki sushi. just as bad as sushi king.

  2. Yea.. Wonder why the standard dropped so dramatically. It used to be pretty good.

    Same with sushi king.

    Anyway, hope that my fav Sakae Sushi keeps up its quality. ;-)

  3. Thanks for the pledge and help in spreading the message :-)

  4. Hi Kelwin,

    No worries. ;-)

    Was glad to help out sikit....


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