July 22, 2007

Sunday Evening...

My favourite song from Maroon 5 happens to be "Sunday Morning". It is just one of those songs you like to listen to when you're driving on a traffic-free highway on a Sunday morning.

Anyway, I had a number of plans which didn't quite materialize over the weekend and rightfully so, on a Sunday Evening, I feel kind of empty and somewhat guilty.

Hmmmm... I'm a confirmed procrastinator. No matter what plans I may make during the week or night before, if something does come up, I immediately "transform" into a procrastinator. (Kekeke get it? I'm a "procrastinatron".. Ahhh.. too much Transformers lately.. LOL!!)

Anyway, here's the breakdown of my plan for Saturday:

8:00 am - Snoopy comes to bark at my door
8:02 am - Buka mata (open eyes)
8:03 am - Try to sit up and stretch
8:05 am - Slump back to bed
8:15 am - Snoopy comes to bark at my door again
8:16 am - Buka mata ... again
8:17 am - Slump back to bed... again
8:30 am - Snoopy barks frantically at my door
9:00 am - Wake up & cuci muka, gosok gigi.. etc.. Other hygiene-related stuff
9:30 am - Arrive at Subang Parade to start 1st gym exercise
11:30 am - Finish gym, come home to have shower
12:30 pm - Go out and have lunch with mom at 1U - shopping
3:00 pm - Come back and take a nap.

However, what transpired was....

9:30 am - Wake up
9:32 am - !@#@!$#@!$#!#@!##
10:30 am - Breakfast
10:31 am - Mom asks, "What time you want to go to the gym?"
I answer, "11 something-la.."
11:00 am - Feeding Snoopy
11:30 am - Mom asks, "Aren't you going to the gym?"
I answer, "Let's wait for Dad to come home at 3pm."
3:00 pm - Raining... Fxxking Raining Heavily...
3:01 pm - "How-la?? Now raining? Want to go or not"
I answer, "Errrr....."

10:00 pm - Mom asks, "So, are you going to the gym tomorrow?"
"We'll see"

Anyway, Sunday morning came and we all overslept for the first mass time at 8:30am. I was playing around with my laptop and blog, while my parents went Ga-Ga over the "exciting" British Open Tournament (Golf) on Astro ESPN. Yes, it was so exciting that they were watching the channel in their sleep.

We managed to go for the 11:30am mass and I was very annoyed with a little boy sitting in front of me as he kept eating pretzels and playing with his toys. *Sigh*.. kids these days. He's old enough to read, surely he must be old enough to understand that during the Holy Hour at God's House, one must be quiet? Anyway, I don't blame the kid, I just blame the parents. ** roll eyes **

After mass, we decided to go down to PJ for some yong tau foo but there was a stupid jam on the Federal Highway on a Sunday morning. WTF.

To top it off, it started to rain heavily too!! Yep, thanks to human-induced Global Warming.

Mom asked again, "So, are you going to the gym later?"
I answer, "Yes, when the rain stops."

We got home and decided to wait out the rain a bit. The cool weather had a strange effect on all of us and immediately, we transformed into "sleepatrons"... ZZZZZzzzz....

Even my dog got into the act.

But then again, she's a natural sleep artist. She makes sleeping look so good!

3:00 pm passed. Then 4:00pm... Mom finally woke up and said, "You're not going to gym at all today, right?"

** Silence **

She got me there. I've transformed into the procrastinator that I am. *Sigh*...

All I can say about this weekend was, I managed to get a lot of rest to make up for the late nights which I endured during the normal work week. I hope that it won't be repeated in the following week.

But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do
Sunday morning rain is falling and I’m calling out to you
Singing someday it’ll bring me back to you

Find a way to bring myself home to you
- Maroon 5, "Sunday Morning"

Have a productive week everyone!!

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