July 04, 2007


Are you a kid of the 80's?

Do you remember a really fantastic show called "Transformers"????

If you haven't... Go wikipedia and search. Those born after the 80's... Too bad for you. **MUAHAHAHAHA**

Anyway, I remembered devoting several hours of my week to Transformers. We all wished that we could be as brave and valiant as Optimus Prime and have a cool friend like Bumblebee.

Some of us more sinister people loved Megatron to bits. Others, thought that the silence and monotonous voice of Soundwave was cool as well.

I did recall a few friends saying that they wanted to beat the crap out of Starscream because he had such an irritating voice.

Anyway, we all used to sit around and talk about who would be able to beat whom in what situation. The conversation went like this... (waaaayyyy back in 1986)

Friend #1: Megatron can beat the crap out of Optimus Prime anytime!!
Me: No way!!! Optimus Prime will beat the crap out of Megatron! He's a truck, Megatron's just a gun. Have to ask Starscream to shoot pulak!
Friend #1: Hahaahha!! No-la!! Megatron is stronger!

... comes in another friend...

Me: Eh!! Why your eyes so red?
Friend #2: *sigh*.. Don't want to talk about it.

Friend #1: Your mom whack you esit? Come, come.. let's compare scars!

Friend #2: No-la!!

Me: Then, what happened??

Friend #2: I just got this video... Transformers movie...
Me & Friend #1: WAAAHHHH!!!! LUCKY-LA YOU!!!

Me: And then...??


Friend #2: Prime died.

................................ STONE COLD SILENCE......................................

Me & Friend #1: ARE YOU SURE????
Friend #2: *Sniff* *Nods head*
Me & Friend #1: Waaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

For those in the know.... If you're a big fan of Transformers, you'll know that Optimus' "nickname" was Prime. We affectionately called him that. :P Hehehe.. At that young age, we swore allegiance to him and the Autobots.

Despite having a friend who liked Megatron for some odd reason. It was very certain that when news got out that Optimus Prime had died, it sent "shockwaves" throughout the community.

** Fast-foward 21 years **

Colleague 1: Eh!! Want to watch Transformers or not?

Me: No need to ask. Default is YES!

Colleague 1: Ok! We make arrangements.. (^^)

Me: Brings back memories man.... Do you remember the Transformers Movie cartoon?

Colleague 1: Yeah? What about?

Me: Do you remember how Optimus Prime died?

Colleague 1: Yeah yeah!!! Man....
Me: I just watched The Transformers Movie cartoon and nearly cried my eyes out when I saw Optimus Prime really died... Still affects me, after 20 years.

Colleague 1: Haahah! Oh yea! Definitely. It is one of the few decent cartoons we had when we were kids.

For many purists out there, the original Transformers as done by Hasbro is still the best. I've watched the other spin-offs like Beast Wars and Headmasters but it lacked the "oomph" of the original Transformers.

I just realized that in most of the Transformers cartoon, save for a few episodes, you hardly saw any female robots. I did remember seeing one, i.e. Prime's girlfriend but duty called and he left her at Cybertron. Not that it was sexist or anything but I'd guess Transformers were targeted at boys at those politically-incorrect days.

Anyway, about 5yrs ago, I managed to get hold of an Optimus Prime toy. Here's the pic. Kekekeke...

He's a little short but then, still has most of Prime's features. (^^)

Yes, he really transforms!!!!

Oh well... I think I shall start going back in time to look at some other great cartoons of the 80's like G.I.Joe and Macross/Robotech. Hehehehehe... NO.. I shall NOT talk about a show called Jem.

OMG... I feel farkin old now... (=____=)


  1. Wow, that's a cool Prime toy! :D

  2. Tinqiu!!!!

    wahahaha... I'm lookin 4 megatron so that I can start a "war" in my office cubicle.


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